"Line interactive or Online UPS" for PROJECTORS


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Dec 8, 2007
Mohali (Near Chandigarh)
hello everybody,

The transfer time of APC LINE INTERACTIVE PURE SINE WAVE UPS is 2ms to 4ms. Can this make the projector to shut off/restart temporarily for a brief moment.

Some forum members here are using them,my question is - have you used a LINE INTERACTIVE UPS with a projector , kindly share ur experience, whether a line interactive UPS will provide continuous power supply without making the bulb fluctuate/projector to shut off.

I think Online UPS will not shut off the projector , as it always operates thorough the battery i.e there is no switching thus no transfer time.

The APC Line interactive pure sine wave Smart-UPS SUA-750I is available for 8000+vat@4%.
and the online UPS for 24000 approx.

eagerly waiting for reply

Plz help

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I am using a 1KVA Microtec Line Interactive UPS with my Projector and till now it didn't cause any sort of a problem, the cost was around 3.5k
I have used a 650VA APC ( BackUPS) unit a few times without any trouble with my projector and plan to continue using it once I have my HT set up completed.


Finally purchased the
Liebert Online UPS,


Model GXT1000-MT , pure sine wave, 1KVA/700W Emerson Network Power India :: UPS

Got it for Rs 16,500/- including tax {MRP(as on box)= 40k}, initial quoted prices were 18000/- inc.tax by SINEWAVE TECHNOLOGIES INT. and 21000/- by a different seller.

Seller:M/S SINEWAVE TECHNOLOGIES INT., Manimajra, Chandigarh.

Comes with free over/under voltage protection device and 2 years on site warranty.:yahoo:

I think this is the most economical/reliable option available in india from a internationally reputed brand.
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