Linn win three Plus X Awards in 2007 Jun 2007

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Jul 25, 2006
Linn win an unprecedented three Plus X Awards

Linn have won an unprecedented three Plus X Awards 2007. The Awards Ceremony on the 24th of May at Cologne's Exhibition Centre was broadcast live on TV and attended by several hundred industry representatives. There are four Award categories with scoring based on: Innovation, Design, Ease of Use and Ecology. Here's the winning Linn products and what the jury had to say about them (quotes from original English language laudatio):

1. Sondek LP12 (Plus X Award 2007 for Innovation and Design)
"If you believe that turntables are not being further developed, you might want to think again. Even though the Linn Sondek has been around for more than 30 years, its brand-new edition lays on true innovations, which will thrill vinyl fans. In its current edition, the LP12 will be hard to beat."

2. Majik System (Plus X Award 2007 for Design)
"Linn audio components always guarantee high-grade music playback. This trio also features aspects of shape and design which will still be up-to-date in years to come. This trio meets the highest demands, both visually and acoustically."

3. Exotik (Plus X Award 2007 for Design and Ease of Use)
"Linn's AV system controller, Exotik, is an extraordinarily flexible high-end preamplifier, offering stereo or multi-channel preamplification, always with paramount results. Linn have developed a special user interface which makes operating and setup as easy as one, two, three."

About Plus X: Under patronage of Nordrhein-Westfalen’s Minister of Innovation, Science, Research and Technology, Plus X is one of the most prestigious and important European Industry Awards. It's a joint effort of 23 German, Austrian and Eastern European Specialist, Trade, General Interest and Digital Lifestyle publications.

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