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Living-room friendly home theater

Wharfedale EVO4.1 Bookshelf Speakers


New Member
Apr 18, 2015
Hi All ,

Happy to be here. Have spent last few days on the forum and gone through many forum members threads about their HTs. All of them are very impressive and informative for us newbies.

I am now planning to join the gang of HT owners and this where I stand today.

Current Equipment:
55" LED
Pioneer AV receiver vsx-921
Wharfdale Obisidian 600 package
3D blu-ray player
Tats Sky HD+

Size of the living room ( plastering completed) is 15 (L)X11 (W)x9 (H).
I would like to implement projector +screen setup in this room.

Projector will be used mostly during the night time for movies and sports. Content will be Blu-rays and Tatasky HD.

Based on my initial research on the web on this forum , I should be able use 120" screen. (Please help here as I am not an expert) Planning to wall mount (above rear window ) or ceiling mount ( based on the guidance from you guys).

I have selected Epson HC2000 which will be bought from US along with 2x25ft HDMI cables ( let me know if I should anything to get it from there but shouldn't be heavy). Budget for projector is max 700 USD and the model was selected based on forum members comments and online reviews, plus it falls within the budget. However I am open for any other suggestions.

I need help and suggestions from you guys in terms of preparing the living room. Specially in the following areas:

1. Electrical - Wires for projector and rear speakers and power cables needs to be pulled from the front wall ( screen side) towards the backside wall.
- > How should I do this ? Through PoP ? Any suggestions on this?

2. Projector placement : ceiling or wall mounted ? I liked FM naturelovers projector placement idea
3. The big challenge is fixing bookshelf rear ones due to door that opens inside and nearly touched the border of rear window and of course wall.
I am at loss here. Please advise.

3. Screen placement: I am planning to cover entire wall (11x9) with MDF. Fix LED and then pull down ( manual or motorized) screen should come in front of LED when in use. Again,liked what FM naturelover has done with his setup except the screen enclosure is visible. I don't have any problem with that but not getting clearance from home ministry.
Please throw in some ideas / thoughts here.

Looking forward to your valuable inputs guys. thanks in advance.


New Member
May 29, 2015
Hello watcheronthewall,
Did you finally got the setup ??

I am in similar position where I would probably be using a projector (for movies, sports, etc) alongwith my LED TV (for routine use)...
would like to know if you have got this setup & if you don't mind sharing pics as well.

One more question >> what are the possibilities for motorized screen & at what price ? If not motorized, how would you move it up when not is use ?

Thanks in advance.


Mar 24, 2014
Motorised screen will be costing about 20-25K depending on the size. If you use non-motorized, you have to just give a little tug (pull) at the bottom of the open screen and it will roll back in its box due to spring action. However, this is type of screen is inconvenient if the room height is more - some short person may have to use chair to pull the screen down.