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Metrum Acoustics Pavane Level 3 i2s + Ambre: Impressions!

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New Member
Oct 26, 2018
New Delhi, India
Metrum Acoustics Pavane Level 3 i2s + Ambre:

After auditioning Metrum onyx, I was very impressed by the sound signature.

So I went ahead and got Pavane L3 i2s + Ambre.
Decided to sacrifice USB altogether.

Roon(iMac)-->RJ45--> Metrum Ambre -->i2s--> Metrum Pavane Level 3--> Audioquest Water RCA--> Violectric V281 Headphone amplifier--> Audeze Lcdi4 (Balanced Effect Audio Horus cable).
PS Audio Dectet Power Conditioner with Nordost Red Dawn power cables for amp & power conditioner.

Last 24 hours has completely changed my perception of music. The tonality is simply outstanding. The pitch black background, deep & tall soundstage is a treat for ears. The sound is so natural.No coloration. The mids are lush, bodied, natural, emotional & textured. There is an excellent imaging & layering of instruments, vocals in a three dimensional space.

A special word on the black background/noise floor. Pavane has a very low noise floor -155db at 2v rms. This helps in presenting the subtle background sounds which gets drowned in noise (RF,EMI,ground loops).These sounds just elevate the music enjoyment to an another level. The microdetails are so evident, one does not require extra effort to focus on these sounds, They are just there in front of you.

I had auditioned Chord Dave alongside my hugo2 a month back. I didn't experienced the same level of enjoyment or eargasm.
The sound from pavane is just effortless.There is no element of fatigue.

NO harshness/edginess/sibilance. Some may think its HF roll off, that's not the matter at all. It has got all i.e. fast transients, well extended trebles with non fatiguing/non ear piercing sparkling notes.

It is a definite step up from onyx in all the departments.

The built quality is awesome. It weighs around 10 kgs. The black glass top adds class to its body.

Metrum recommends 3-4 weeks of burn in for Pavane & 1-2 weeks for Ambre.

Thank you Mr. Anjo, CEO @Spinning & Mr. Sunder @Metrum Acoustics for helping me out with the purchase & clearing all my queries.

Pavane is the best DAC I have ever heard in my short audiophile (headphone audio) journey. Metrum have hit the bulls eye with pavane.






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Mar 7, 2014
Congratulations for your new setup. Its very expensive audio stuff. Good that you are really enjoying it. Please update few weeks later also after the "burn in" period.
I'm too looking for a R2R based DAC.

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It was a pleasure working with you on getting you this wonderful audio setup. Needless to say this is as pure as you can have. And just like many other respected clients you will listen to music in a different way, a very pristine one.

Please do enjoy to the max and again congratulations!