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Oct 1, 2007
Hello all...

Merry Christmas to everyone! Well, my job has taken me to a new country on a long term assignment. It's driving me nuts that I am not able to listen to my beloved HiFi here. Enjoying music on an E71 via CX300 is not really my idea of HiFi.

I have been using an Onkyo CR515 back home as my bedroom system. So naturally I was inclining towards picking up one. However the local dealer here mentioned about getting me the Marantz CR502 and LS702 matching speakers.


Marantz launches M-CR502 compact music system

This one definitely looks cute! Can anyone comment on how this one might sound compared to the much acclaimed Denon DM37(haven't heard) or the proven CR515? A side by side comparison seems impossible for me right now.

I have raised the same query in similar forums, so our common members - pls excuse! Thanks in advance.
Which country you are in now? If it is UK check TEAC - good VFM also JVC also introduced micro system with some fancy technology called wood cone.
There are some small 2 channel sepraters also with smallers sized amps and cd's -
Keep hunting
Dear Hemand,

Thanks for writing. In fact, I have already got a reference for the Teac DR-H300. A very compact all in one. Will try to arrange an audition soon.

Best Regards.

Although I have no idea what kind of budget you are looking at and also I have not heard any of these, you can try the Arcam Solo Mini. For a friend of mine, I was looking at these on the net and in magazines. Reports are good. There must also be matching speakers to go with these, I am sure. Higher up in price is also the Arcam Solo.
Well Asit, am looking for a very simple system for my rather modest room for the time being. Something I can probably use for now and dump off when I move on.

The solo mini is simple enough but equally expensive, so are the likes of Meridian F80. Another option I consider is to go for active monitors. A5 and Edirol I checked out, may be I might go for a used AVI ADM9. But put it on hold due to lack of time, space or patience to work around the source or transport!

Anyways, if anyone happens to come across the Marantz or Denon lil ones, let me know your impressions.

Any idea if the Denon DM37 with 30 wpc @ 6ohms OR Marantz M-CR502 with 50wpc @ 6ohms be able to drive a pair of Jamo E 750 floorstanders with 89db sensitivity?
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