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Dec 26, 2006
Hi gurus,

I am planning to buy a micro cd/receiver system for my bedroom. My budget is 25k. Have checked out some of the Philips, Sony and Onkyo models. Found Onkyo CS515 pretty decent. But I heard it sounds better with a different pair of speakers. Need your suggestions on this.

This is strictly for good SQ (especially at low volume) and no video/dvd capability is required. However support for MP3, good input options for connecting to external sources like ipod, laptop/network,usb etc would be great. Support for sub-woofer connectivity would be a plus though not required.
Am not pushing u off the various micros available but having heard the onkyo micro i was totally surprised at the various positive reviews i read. I feel for a little more u get say a Nad 515 cdp/320 amp + speakers of ur choice which is really a far better option.
I think you would be fine with the stock speakers. But if you absolutely insist, you may consider Wharfedale Diamonds 9.1 (Tannoy F1 - sounds good but imo looks ugly; if that matters to you) and for the sub, SW150 is a nice buy.

Dinyaar is right about the recommendations, but I guess your requirements suits the Onkyo offering.
As mentioned, this will not be my main music system and will be used only in the bedroom. Space is a constraint and hence I would prefer a compact 2.0 system with good SQ. I am not really keen on experimenting with various combinations of CD players/amps/speakers in this case. Would prefer a "Micro out-of-the-box" setup.

Let me know if it will be a good idea to match Onkyo CR515 with Monitor Bronze BR2/Wharfedale 9.1 bookshelves.
You may consider the audioengine 5 or the audioengine 2. They both - are powered speakers - have received some spectacular reviews. Since you are anyway planning a different source, like iPod or a laptop, maybe you must consider these.

The way the reviews (all of them, unanimously) they will blow out any other competition. Pl. note that I am not a dealer, nor I have listened to these, but have read so many good reviews, that I thought of passing the info.

They have an Indian dealer in Mumbai. The audioengine 2 costs ~10,000.
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