Mini Theatre's Article in Man's World Magazine

Hi Vinay, hats off to you for having the guts to setup such a system and to renovate the house to satisfy your passion for HomeTheaters. Such Passion deserves a lot of admiration. Anyone can have money but to have the sense to utilize it in the right way is the real deal , and u have done it. I am sure the Home Theater sounds out of this world. does it ?
Vinay you must know a lot about sound and which speakers or AV recievers are good bad and worst. So i guess there is a lot we can learn from you and of-course for setting up home theater i know where to go for advise.
Were u generally wanting such a setup or were u inspired by something u saw at someones place and thought that u would also have a HT setup someday? where did this inspiration come from ? and why just one recliner, what about ur friends n family ? kidding !
Do share your experience with us when u have time, It'll be a great read.
We have exchanged ideas before about how the prices of these hugely expensive things in India can come down and u had some good input there.
I would have loved to come to your place to experience you HT first hand but I am in Delhi, sadly.
Allright then, take care.
Aryan, it was very painful to make this mini theatre, it took me around a year to make it, i had faced a lot of obstacles, the work used to get stopped many a times, till a solution was found.

Indeed the home theater is out of the world, it seems on official basis my mini theatre is among the top 5 in India, there will be others who will be having much better but they have decided to remain private, while i have given the pictures to magazines. In last 2 years i have seen around 30 photo's of Indian home theatres, i have found mine as the best on assorted fronts, otherwise 5 magazines would have not covered it, three are in the pipe line, one issue will be there in January, the magazine should be out next week.

It is not that i have a lot of knowledge but i have taken enough professional help on various fronts, but many of the areas i have taken the decision on my own. Indeed many people on this site, have sent me a private messages, and they are very pleased to see the theatre, in-fact even the owner of this hifi site has congratulated me. On this site there are a few suggestions and related which i have got, some of them make good sense to me.

Aryan, i am into trading with stocks and commodities, what about you?

As and when you are in Mumbai, please do come over to see my mini theatre.

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Very beautiful setup., now i understand why magazines have covered your HT , spending 20Lac for a HT is not an extra ordinary thing, but your dedication to select each and every equipment is breath taking

I love your room setup more then the system , i think 60% of the amount would have gone to the room acoustics and interiors. The colour combinations and the lighting is very beautiful, i am out of words to praise your HT ...All the best and happy viewing.

Mini Theatre's Article in Man's World Magazine & AV Max Magazine

Mohan, indeed the setup is very good, for me among the main thing is that it is a dedicated one, others put it in the living room, and than there are many small details which I have taken care of, indeed the magazines would have not covered it, if the theatre was not a good one, in-fact the photographer of man's world, told me that my theatre is much better than sanjay gupta's, the famous film director and the close friend of sanjay dut, my theatre's article has to come in another 3 magazines, they are slated for Jan, Feb, and march edition. In-fact mohan, it will be history in India, no one's home theatre would have been covered in 5 magazines.

For selection of each and every item, I have gone through lot of frustration, but then at the end of the day it is a joy, when I see the end product, and than there is further joy, when you and others praise it, you are right around 60% has gone in room acoustics and interiors, I actually should have spent more on the equipments and related, all the lights are fully imported and they run on remote control, and there is a lot of dimmer options.

As and when you are in Mumbai, please do come over to see a movie at my place, I have a collection of 190 DVD's.

I know that you have also made a lot of home theatre's for your clients, why do you not put the photographs on this site, it will be a great thing for all of us to see your respective work.

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Actually there is this sound of music showroom in delhi from whom i have bought dalite 84 inches screen, indeed that is how is the confusion.
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