Movies you start up casually but end up LOVING it .


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Feb 15, 2009
Hi Guys ,

Share your reviews on movies , which you might have end up unexpectedly loving it a lot to watch on your TV , due to any reason.

Good story line , Good PQ/AQ on your HD TV , etc ..
i think this one goes to a Jim carrey movie called Majestic. It is set in a small town in america where everybody knows everybody else.
majestic is a movie theatre in the town which is forced to close down and Jim's efforts in saving the day. It also has a lot of sub plots, but the movie is very lovable. Jim looks great and there are none of his usual monkeying acts. I saw it maybe six-seven years ago and hence my storyline is vague.. but i do remember that me and my wife were pleasantly delighted with this movie.
Two of my favourites:

* Undercover Brother - The jokes are so subtle that you get something new each time.

* As Good As It Gets - Perfect movie for psychological analyses.

On a serious note

* 12 Angry Men - I watched this with my dad when young. Did not get it much. Now that I have matured a bit (read into deeper problems than when I was young), I love this movie and think it should be shown to every business graduate to understand the power of negotiation and persuation
I recall viewing A Few Good Men with this exact sentiment.

It was a casual watch on a poorly recorded VHS. I almost lost interest after the first 15 minutes and then got hooked !
There are just too many to list. Some that comes to mind are:

Deja Vu
War of the Roses
My Cousin Vinny
Double Jeopardy
Hotel Rwanda
Blood Diamond

I saw Double Jeopardy in a Cinema Hall in the US. Actually I was, I think, the only person watching the movie. I thought it was a failed movie. After a few minutes, I was completely hooked with the story.


the illusionist

just watch it.initially it's a lil boring but end will reveal all

Irreversible (French)

The first 30 minutes is worst ever film I have ever seen, I really pulled the DVD from the player and throwed it.
Later I thought this film would have not got awards if it so. After some weeks again saw the film forwarding the few chapters.
Most of the shots are single shot that run for 15 minutes & above without editing.
As the title says, the film runs from reverse after viewing the whole movie you will understand.
Aha , i can also remember same kinda movie , related to deja vu thing ( to know before it happens ) ,

IFonly , for first 30 mins it was something , i couldnt understand what all was happening , but later on how the movie catch up was amazing .
Its a kinda story , a guy saw the death of his GF in his dream , and later on he realizes , the same things were happening to him , but yet he have a chance to change the things and save his gf .
Amazin movie ... he manages to do but it cost him his life .
well the best movie I liked to date is the pursuit of happiness - i had downloaded it a long time before it was released here and not even read the reviews before I popped the movie on my laptop some time back - well nearly 8 months back. While the first few minutes left me wondering what i had got into - after the movie i was left spellbound. One of the finest stories ever told.
A recent one would be Wall E. Was starting to get impatient with just Wall E being shown for the first 20 mins or so. Wondering if it was just all hyped up, until I watched the the whole movie. Was really amazing in all ways. Animation, sound, characterization were all awesome.
Wonder if anyone has seen The Prestige
Chris Nolan's movie in 2006 - slow and consfusing at first, but boy it really shines after sometime
Hai HiFi Vision Forum Members,
Two movies which I saw recently are really fantastic. They are:
1.What happens in Las Vegas.
2.The Fall.

Both the movies are family entertainers and I hope U all will enjoy these movies.

ya thr ptrestige and the illusionist both r on magicians and good.i'll rate illusionist higher than prestige
ya thr ptrestige and the illusionist both r on magicians and good.i'll rate illusionist higher than prestige

I can also include the Hindi movie Johnny Gaddaar in this set. I started seeing the move not knowing what it was about. Bu the movie moves well with its twists and turns so much so I went out and bought a original DVD.

Another movie is Vantage Point. Started getting bored after they repeat the same action scene a third time. Actually my relations who went with me walked out of the hall. But the movie turned out to be excellent.

A Tamil movie that fits very well into this group is Sa-Ro-Ja. A budget film shot literally with a handycam, this is the story of a set of young people who are travelling from Chennai to Bangalore (I think) by road. They take a kutcha road diversion to avoid a accident and, get a dead body landing in front of their car. They unknowingly stumble upon a kidnapping. How they run for their lives and unwittingly save the victim is both hilarious and entertaining.

some good movies-
a night at the roxburys
boondock saints
cant hardly wait
dream girls
ferris buellers day off
groundhog day
sex drive
sin city
vantage point
I would say that over the last decade, Tim Burton's "Big Fish" is one film that ends up in this category. Did not expect the quirky filmmaker to make such a moving film about one's relationship with one's father.

Among recent movies, Michel Gondry's "Be Kind Rewind" was as silly as it was advertised to be but ended up being unexpectedly good as well.
Superbad. i thought it would be a boring teen movie, but it turned out to be so much more
here are my few...

Flash of Genius
Curious Case of Benjamin Button
The Phenomenon
Big fish
Love Actually
Stranger than fiction
Feast of love
The Natural
The lake house (remake an Asian movie i guess)
My Sassy Girl
Saw no particular order. This list can go on and on!
benjamin button is just kind of imaginary world against nature.didn't like the movie at all. cube is better than this(if imaginary)
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