My new Philips HTS3265 a quick look


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Aug 3, 2009
I bought the Philips HTS3265 from Croma on 29th Aug for Rs. 11990/- but did not take delivery as I was renovating my house. I just took the cables to conceal the wiring. I finally took delivery more than a month later but was not able to listen to my favourite tracks because they were all stored away and work was still on.
I was very apprehensive to begin with as my priority was music rather than movies. I had to settle for a compact HT like this for many non-tech reasons. Croma is not the best place to audition as there is too much ambient disturbance but I listened to every one of the HTiBs in the sub 20K category and found this model satisfied my requirement at the lowest price. I even listened to the Onkyo 3100 too but it was distorting badly. I don't think it was the problem of the system but then the guy over there was not able to fix the problem. I am certain it was the source or interconnect from the CD player to the Onkyo.
This weekend I was able to listen to the best of my collection. I must say that I am happy that the system sounds much better than I expected. Listening to UB40, Ali Campbell's vocals are alive and the bass (something I am always partial to) thumps nicely out of the sub in the corner. There is still a little tweaking to do with the mounting of the front sats but this is not bad as it is.
For all those looking for a budget all-in-one type audio video solution, don't consider Sony, Samsung or LG. Go only for Philips. If you like bass don't settle for anything lower than the 3265. The 3011 has a pathetic sub which sounds crappy and a similar sub is there on the cheaper systems.
The bare minimum is this HTS3265. Great VFM. The only thing that I believe I will miss is that it does not have a HDMI out. I will be using component out. But then again, movies are not a priority for me.
One problem I faced was that it wouldn't detect my Corsair 8GB Flash Voyager. I tried my 512 MB Transcend ad it worked fine and so did a 16GB Corsair Flash Voyager I borrowed from a friend. I conclude that the issue is in my flash drive as it doesn't work with the Kodak photo frame or with my Samsung LCD TV either.
I am in correspondence with Corsair now to resolve this issue.
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your purchase and observations have struck a chord in me.

please update about the corsair.


I am in a big debate with Corsair on the issue of the pen drive.
Problem with my Corsair 8GB is the link to that thread in the Corsair support forum.
The issue as far as I understand is that many Corsair Flash Voyagers have been built by using a hub based controller instead of a normal USB flash memory controller. Apparently they do it to get better performance. This varies from time to time.
My HTS does not support flash drives connected through USB hubs and that is probably what it sees when my Flash Voyager is connected to it. Probably the same situation for my Samsung TV and Kodak Digital Photo Frame.
As far as I am concerned, this choice by Corsair makes their drive incompatible. Their contention is that they claim compatibility only with Windows and Mac based systems.
At the time of going to press I have found that my HTS works with a 512MB Transcend, a 16GB Corsair Flash Voyager and a 8GB OCZ. It fails to detect my 8GB Corsair and a USB hub with any of the mentioned working drives connected to it.
My advice to you all is: If you will need to connect your USB pen drive to anything other than a PC, stay away from Corsair.
Meanwhile, if someone here can explain exactly what is the interface difference between a simple USB pen drive and a hub in terms of protocol exchange or anything else I shall be really grateful.
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Mostly brickbats for using this hallowed space to give credibility to a 12 K system.

lol :lol: on your humble answer. Congratulations, Don't bother about the cost, if you are enjoying it then its good. Some folks are paying tens of thousands and still not content.:p

I use a 4gb kingston pendrive on my Sony DVDP and works amazingly well
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Hello daddycool,

I am planning to purchase Philips HTS3265.

My usage will be....

Connection from TV (Videocon Bazooka 21 inch TV ) - 60%
Hearing Songs & FM Radio - 40 %
Movies - 10 %

How is sound effect ?
Please reply ...

Thanks... Karan
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