naim 5i vs vincent 236


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Dec 26, 2008
blgr, delhi and jakarta
dear all
am back after doing a series of demos and wanted to check your opinion for the following combos for a home audio setup:

CD player: marantz 5003

amp: Naim 5i OR Vincent 236

Speakers: b&w 684 vs CM7s - floor standing

IMO i liked the combo of naim with b&w cm7s..found the sound clear, sharp and i heard things i hadnt heard in my existing old set up -eg people coughing in background in a nusrat live concert cd, bismillahs shenai rocked :)) etc etc.. the bass hadnt kicked in the cm7s as the pieces were brand new while the 684s being display pieces had been broken in so the response was better.

my listening is indian music - mix of vocals and instrumentals and jazz... miles davis etc..

the naim seemed to be better at low volumes. the vincent i tended to find a bit more subdued - meaning more sober in comparison... the shopkeeper kept insisting tht the vincent would open up after warming up for an hour or so and was better for mid-large size rooms.. and started to reflect on the watts ie naims 100 vs vincents 180 watts :))

what would the opinion of the experts in the group?

Both are wonderful amps. Don't go by the modest power ratings in Naim 5i, it can punch well above its weight. I think the Naim will match CM7 very well. Heard the CM7 few years back with the old version Naim, the highs were crystal clear, mids were smooth and the lows where punchy. At the same time, the Vincent is an excellent machine on its own. Quite recently I happen to hear the Vincent S6/236 combo with Focal 807. I think it sounded brilliant.

As cliched as it may sound, only you can decide - after long patient multiple auditions on your own; preferably with your own CDs.

Hi cheeky,

This is just for my information. Was it a Nait 5i or a 5i-2? And where did you audition the Naim and the Vincent together?

Hi Cheeky,
How much was your dealer asking for the Naim Nait 5i? Is he an official dealer/ retailer? Would love to hear more about your demo. Enjoy yourself.

I too was doubtful about the Nait 5 amp's 50 watt power, but was actually blownaway by the sound even at nominal 8 o'clock - they have this and even more as the dial goes up, perfect sound. The iron grip it had for every song its phenomenal even at low volumes, just the right taste for me.

Yeah, I would really like you to consider the Naim + CM7 combo. Haven't heard the other amp though.

sorry guys was out a bit...

the naim is a 5i.. am not aware of 5i-2. is there one? the testing i did is not in india :) its in jakarta...

yep i agree the naim is sharp and clear - vincent tended to make it a bit warmer..
been going mad doing the testings and i think i am most probs settling in for the Naim 5i and b&w cm7s.

had also heard the KEF iq90s... those also sounded good but guess will settle fr the b&ws = they wer just a notch ahead on the higher frequencies.. though KEF senstivities is a bit higher at 91.

also heard a prima luna prolog 1. amazing warm sound.. though with rega bookshelves so cud not compare with the naims with floor standings..

i realised the more u hear the more confusing it gets as all dealers dont stock all the things :))
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