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Aug 22, 2009
Hello people:

You have a great forum...very good recommendations and suggestions.

Kindly take a look at my requirement...I got an Optoma HD65 projector (available in India, costs about 65K, but Amazon had it for 36K and it is very small) and it is primarily for watching cinema.

(Anyone want a great hometheater, please look at a good DLP projector rather than a plasma. And if it is Plasma 42 inch Viera which cost a bomb a few years back is now in 45K range.)

I am looking for a decent 5.1 setup without costing the earth - my budget is around 12K. Is there anything available for that budget, if not what about a 2.1 setup for that price?

I took a look at Philips dvp 3368 DVD player with an HDMI output...a sensible price of Rs.3500/. Any other suggestions for a DVD player?
I am assuming you are looking for Amp+speakers in the budget you mentioned. A popular entry level 2.0 setup (Norge 2ch amp + Wharfedale 9.1/9.2 BS) will cost you ~25k and an entry level HTIB (AVR + 5.1 package) will cost you between 25 to 30k.

There are other options like Audiengine 5.1 (with built in amp) around 20k, but these are primarily desinged for PC multimedia application.

You might find Philips/LG/Samsung HTIBs around your budget, but it is worth waiting for some more time and go for a decent 2.0/5.1 set once your budget is up.
The Marantz PM7000N offers big, spacious and insightful sound, class-leading clarity and a solid streaming platform in a award winning package.