Need Help - Bose 3.2.1 GSX Home Entertainment System - any better products ??


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Dec 5, 2008
Hello Folks,

I recently had a look at Bose 3.2.1 GSX Home Entertainment System. Costs approx 1.08 Lakhs.

Is this a good buy or can i get a better option in terms of music

I am basically looking for a music system. I enjoy listening to Ghazals and oldies and sometimes POP & Rock

My hall size is approx 330 sft and its a "L" shaped hall.

Pls advice if any other better options so that I can have a look.

Pls suggest AVR and spkrs with make and model no as I really dont much abt this stuff

Budgest around 1 Lakh

Thanks & Cheers


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virtually anything that you would get at that budget would be superior to the Bose.

If you have a lakh to spend and you want to listen to music, invest in a good CD player, a good integrated stereo amp, and a good pair of speakers.

There are tons of options, and I'll let the better informed people weigh in with ideas.
Thanks Buddy.

Can you recommend me some options / combinations of cd/avr/spkrs.

I live in Bombay

Bose is overpriced underperformer for the price point. There are many suitable alternatives that are way better. I would suggest a system with a 2.1 setup for you to start with since you listen to more music.

Take a look at floorstanders such as Klipsch, Paradigm, Polk, Mission or Energy and match it with a decent 10inch sub. Visit some audio stores YOu should land one well within 1 lac for the system.
Check out Wharfedale 9.x, 9.6 is pretty good. Paradigm is also pretty good. AVR - Denon would be great. CDP - I personally used to use a Sony a while back before I moved over to the PC as my music station. I have heard CA and they are very good, but not much experience with Marantz. Will leave the CDP for more experienced on the forum to guide you...
Hi Kumar

I had a chance to put together some models since last night. So here goes:

System: I would still stick with a 2 speaker system given your music tastes.

AVRs (if you want to expand to more than Stereo down the line)

Marantz SR5002
Onkyo TX-SR805
Denon AVR-988

If you stick to a pure music system following systems are stellar in my opinion though they tend to be priced a bit higher. They are also considered one of the best in class.

Stereo Receivers:

Rotel RX-1050 or 1052 (hi end but worth it if you are only into music)
Denon PMA 2000
Yamaha RX497

CD Players:

Oppo 983 Universal Player
Pioneer Elite PDM-426
Rotel 1072
Arcam Delta 70.2
Yamaha CDS700

Speaker Choices are:

Paradigm Cinema 9
Mission 33i
B&W 600 series and over
Proac Towers
Jamo Concert series

All these brands have Indian dealers.

I suggest you go with a few of your fav CDs or other music sources and listen to some of these systems to get an idea for their sound signature. This will help you get some opinions as as the end your ears is what counts.
Here's an option

CD player - Cambridge Audio 740C - 35-40k (?)
Amplifier - Cambridge Audio 640A V2 - 20k
Speakers - B&W 685 standmounts - 35k
Stands - 8k (number of options, search for threads on stands)
Cables - 2k

Either way i'd recommend standmounts + good stands over floorstanders, especially for your kind of music.

Avoid Denon and Onkyo if music is your preference....also avoid multi-channel amps and receivers, as these will give you inferior amplification for the same money.

Please also explore CD player and Amp options frmo NAD and Marantz. I am not sure if players/amps from brands like Roksan would fall within your budget.

For speakers also consider Wharfedale, PSB, Monitor Audio, Mordaunt Short (the Mezzo series is very good). Remember one thing, try EVERYTHING out.....take two months to decide if necessary.....listen over and over again with your favourite CDs, if it means inconveniencing shopkeepers and inviting their scorn/derision, don't let it put you's a lakh's worth of investment, and if done carefully it'll give you a lifetime of pleasure! all the best
No Bose bashing from me as i owned a bose speaker and loved it in the late 80s but today there are better alternatives. I feel the current marantz gear is the best of the usual suspects(NAD,CA,ROTEL,DENON ETC ETC) and my suggestions are as follows :-
Marantz CDPs. Either 5001,5003,6002 OR (SA 7001)
Marantz amp PM 7001. (Another option is 15S1 which is now replaced by 15S2 and many deals were available)
Monitor Audio RS 1 or (RS 6 if opting for the 15S1)

Arcam FMJ integrateds are brilliant and very neutral but over priced and hence not suggested.

Plus decent stands and a decent IC and speaker cables from Supra for example.

This entire set up is within your budget and will be musical. If u go for the combo in brackets then the set up would be about 1.5L and u wont feel the need to upgrade for a while.

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