Need opinion on JVC Everio HM200 Camcorder


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Dec 4, 2008
Chennai, India
Need some quiuck opinion on this camcorder. Camcorder info site has voted it as the best mid-size camera for 2009.

JVC Everio GZ-HM200 Camcorder Review - JVC Flash Memory

My budget was 400 to 450$. I saw one on ebay for 320$ including shipping and that give me arounf 80$ for my DacMagic upgrade (;)).

Whats the opinion about this camera? I liked the features and also its abaility to do HD though only 60i :(

P.S: We might be expecting a small addition to our family soon (not yet confimed though) so this would be dedicated on capturing those moments! :)
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HD Camcorders generally tend to bit poor for low lighting conditions, However Chennai has adequate lighting :p . During low light the current SD one perform better than HD one's. Also I'm unable to find the Lens type on that Website yet - I would recommend Canon HF-100 (Old Model - So may be you should be able to find cheaper). If you've enough money then look for the HF20 as well.
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Thanks Teky, the lens i understand is a Konica Minolta HD Lens. The HF200 is minimum price tab of 600$ even in ebay so its out of my budget.

I know SD cams are good, infact there are some awesome deals on Mini DV based 3 CCD cams, but I want to move to HD.

Also, picked a Sima SL-20LX Ultra Bright Video Light (Silver): Camera & Photo for 10$ at a bargain sale.

Yes, I would better increase my budget and get a better Camcorder as we don't change these like our AV pretty quickly. Check if Panasonic SD10 is available cheaps - It's predecessor SD-9 was pretty good excepting the usual low lighting problem.

Does that light fit on the shoe of the Camera itself or protrudes out separately as in picture?
Hi Ram,

Did you buy anything? I have a similar requirement now, so thought I could take your opinion on what's a good HD camcorder to buy in the mid range. My budget is around 500 USD.

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