Need some suggestions on to make multiple DVD??s for business


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Aug 30, 2008
Hi everybody, I am going to organize a business party and will be going to invite most of my counter-parts for the party. I want to give them something to remember ?? like may be a DVD with good collection of songs as most of them have a good ear for music with some design on the cover which resembles my business portfolio. I am looking to make multiple copies of the DVD and need some suggestions on that ?? like the place to get that done and may be some more on that. Please give me your tips and suggestions on that.
Samuel, I see that you are from the US. And that is why I am intrigued by your question. You can get these things done so easily in the US.

If you can copy the DVDs yourself, just get some Neato lables, print them at home and stick them. It is that simple. Lables are also available from Avery. These companies also provide the software to design the label.

If the number of DVDs that you need to make is large, I am sure a local Kinko (now called FedEx-Office) will happily duplicate them for you. You can also try Staples, or Office Max.

If your numbers are 100 or above, Neato will duplicate, stick the lables, and return them to you within 5 working days.

In addition to these well known brands, there may be a local boutique shop that will also do the job. I am sure your local yellow pages can help you.

As I said, I am intrigued. Do my points answer your question, or were you asking for something else?

That is a good idea ??.. to make an impression with something good. I was in need of some good jewel cases and got them from a DVD replication company that was good in supplying the cases at the required time and they have a package for other various jobs too. So, I hope that you can also benefit from them and get your job done.
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