Netflix HDCP error


Active Member
Oct 4, 2012
Hi All,

I recently upgraded my AVR from a Marantz 5006 to a Pioneer LX 303. I now get a HCDP 2.2 blue screen error when I fire up Netflix on my PC. Nothing has changed except the AVR.

Intel NUC7 > Pioneer LX 303 > LG LM556700 > HDCP 2.2 error only when I fire up Netflix

Desktop PC (GeForce GTX 1080ti) > Pioneer LX 303 > LG LM556700 > Netflix Works fine

My TV is 8 years old and does not do HDCP 2.2 but if that was the issue then even my desktop should have failed.

TV is on the ARC HDMI input

Steps done:
NUC 7 latest drivers, BIOS, and HDMI firmware updated
Reinstalled Windows 10
Tried the HDMI cable that is working with the 2nd PC, still the same
Tried HDMI6 Input
AVR Firmware updated
TV firmware updated

My HDMI cables are old but I have tried the one used on my desktop with the NUC and it still fails
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