New Audio format -Blue Spec CD


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Oct 2, 2008
Now ,Sony has come up with new audio format i.e Blue Spec CD .According to Engadget ,Blue Spec cd will be compatible with normal cd players .


Sony's back with a new format by the name Blu-spec CD. It takes advantage of (you guessed it) Sony's Blu-ray Disc technology to press new high-quality discs while somehow maintaining compatibility with regular ol' red-laser CD players. How? No idea, really -- it's some kind of secret, proprietary Sony magic hidden deep inside of Google's Japanese-to-English language translator. Perhaps an English press release will be issued later in the day. It does seem that Sony will kick out about 60 Blu-spec CD classics (Miles Davis' Kind of Blue for example) in December ranging in prices from ?¥2,500 (about $25) to ?¥4,200 ($42). Ouch.

source :

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Sounds interesting. But in this world of a billion formats let's see how it catches on. SACD/DVD-A had so much promise, but alas...:(
I am sorry for not posting earlier. Went through the article, not in detail but seems intersting specially with the claim that it will work with current CD players
Maybe that will help it to get popular
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