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New here and looking for help - wireless speakers

Mogami Cables


Active Member
Nov 28, 2015
USA & India
Hey guys,

New here and new to the audiophile world. I am in the USA and I want to purchase wireless speakers for my parents.

Initially I wanted to take Bose, but was warned that they were expensive and inferior in sound quality. I started to look for Bluetooth speakers from other companies, but have been told that Bluetooth is an extremely limited technology especially for audio and hence not recommended.

Now that Bose and Bluetooth speakers are cancelled, I am looking for inputs from the members of this forum for a pair of good wireless speakers.

Music will be everything from the latest hip-hop to 80s disco as well as a good measure of RD Burman. The content will be CDs, online radio stations, mobile, tablet, FLAC rips, MP3s, etc. basically everything all over the place. Seeing there are so many options, I am looking for a pair of speakers that will connect to most of the devices wirelessly - iPhone, Android, PC, laptop, etc.

I have been advised to add Chromecast Audio so I will be purchasing that in addition too.

Please be advised, they will be primarily used by my parents, so nothing very technologically taxing to use. Something very easy where they can press play on the smartphone or the iPad/iTunes and be done with it.

Please help me out with your valuable suggestions.

Thank you.