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Jun 24, 2008
Hi All,

I am Shan (Shanmugasundaram.M), and today i stumbled across this forum. I am very much impressed by the amount of activity and information exchange happenning in this forum. I am from Bangalore and i am interested in HI-FI for a long time. I am more biased towards DIY stuff.

My audio setup includes:

1) A three way active cross over built by me using TL074 Op-Amps.
2) Six audio amplifiers which were also built by me using Mosfet as well as ICs.
3) Two TL speakers which were built be me. The TLs are folded type.
4) A philipps DVD player.

For all the projects above i made the PCBs as well :)

Hope i get more knowledge from this group.


Welcome to the forum...

Hey..gr8 stuff you have made...

Can you please place some pictures of your DIY...
And please let us know, what all are the ingredients in your amplifiers...

Anyways, where are you put up, and when can we audition your stuff...

I would really be interested in auditioning your stuff..
Welcome Shan and great work . We like to see your DIY amplifier and speakers, another DIY from Bangalore.

First of all welcome to the forum and have a pleasant stay here !!

Secondly Welcome to the DIY club !! Glad that you found this forum and chose to join :)!!

Now could you please post your DIY stuff in the appropriate thread or simply post them in Anil's "Show US" thread ;) !!

Now that you are also interested in the DIY and have chosen to build a TL tower,I think you'd be interested in my DIY towers of the same principle and other DIY efforts (links in signature) !! Kindly do check that and give me some feedback on the same ;) !!

Its a rare phenomena that one choses to power a TL with an active set-up,So kindly do share bout the stuff in a more elaborate way ! Am looking forward to read bout the same !!

Once again hearty welcome to the forum !!

Thanks all for welcoming me to the forum. I am put up near the Airport raod behind HAL in Bangalore. You are all welcome to audition my stuff :). My TLs are folded type and the TLs are used for Woofers. The mid-range and high-range drivers are is a small box seperate from the TL physically but their axes are alinged.

The active cross overs are third order filters with 24db/octave slope and comprises of TL074 FET Op-amps.

The amplifiers are glainclones fame LM3886 and some amps are Mosfet based.

Definitely i willput put up my stuff's pictures soon.


Thanks for sharing the info ! Am most deffently interested in the offer :D ! please PM me your contact details we can take it from there ! you my friend are also invited to Audition my stuff !! by the way did you check my DIY stuff ??

What you say is,its like sat-sub kinda arrangement but instead of separating them you've arranged it in regular tower fashion (meaning all the boxes are aligned ) somewhat similar to this pic !


And one small correction the third order crossover will of 18dB slope per octave not 24dB :p !

looking forward to seeing you set-up personally and also the pics here ;)!!

It was a typo. What i meant to say was that it is a three way fourth order filter with 24db/octave response. Thanks for correcting.

The reason i used the TLs for the bass is that i found that TLs perform well if you have a six feet length TL mated with a woofer rather than full range driver.

Further i wanted the amps to have maximum control over the drivers, and this is the reason i went for an active setup, even though the effort and price went up many fold.

I also designed and built a sub-woofer with a Linkwitz transform circuit, 10inch driver and paper tube box with lots of stuffing.

My wife objects to the shaking of the glass window panes in our house :)

I checked the soundsgreat DIY stuff. Good work :)

Instead of sending a PM here is my number : 9845053955, since Mridul Goel and soundsgreat wants to know my contact number.

We can take it from there.

I have the pics of my stuff in my mobile and i dont have the cords with me now to transfer to my laptop.

I will put out up the pics soon.

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Thanks for welcoming me Suniil.

I used a paper tube of around 2 feet diameter and 3 feet high dimension, left by a movers and packers company. There is a big circular clip to lock the top board with the rest of the tube.

I used a lot of stuffing of old clothes to dampen the vibration.

The Linkwitz transform circuit did the rest of the magic.

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