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Nov 26, 2009
new delhi
I am new to this forum and have joined as a commercial member. I am Naresh Dhawan from Setron (Delhi). We are the north Indian dealers for Genelec active loudspeaker systems and are conducting an elaborate technical seminar to disclose all the various technologies that makes the Genelec performance and explain the science of loudspeaker-room interaction covering listening room acoustic design. We will also showcase Genelec's latest DSP system with demos tomorrow the 27th Nov 09 at JAHANPANAH CLUB, BANQUET HALL, MANDAKINI, ALAKHNANDA, NEXT TO GK -II.
I invite you for lunch at 1:00 in the afternoon followed with the seminar
Call me to book a seat for you on +91 9810006178
Welcome to the Forum, Naresh. We will be interested in knowing more about the products you deal with, and A/V products you use personally.

Best of Luck.
Hello Naresh

Welcome to the forum.

I would have loved to come for this event but won't make it. Do we have a website for Setron?

Kindest regards,
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