Newbie alert - TT recommendations


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Sep 29, 2020
Garudacharpalya, Bangalore
Recently stumbled across this forum. Hoping to get help.

Am based in Bangalore and am planning to buy a TT, main constraints:
- compact size
- price (INR10K - 20K)
- preferably with built in speakers
- hopefully have bluetooth compatibility

A few shortlists:
> DENON DP 29-F+ Active Speakers
>Victrola Vintage 3-Speed Bluetooth Suitcase Turntable with Speakers
> Jensen JTA-222 Stereo Turntable
> VINYL MUSIC ON Record Player

PLease advise.
Welcome to the forum!

Happy to see that your planning on entering this lovely world of Vinyl! Now that you have joined this forum, there are many many informative threads on Vinyl and Turntables. I reckon you spend a few days going through these threads and post which this will really give you a perspective on what your approach should be.

While you do that, many here including me will swear you take the vintage route for turntables to really enjoy the sheer magic of vinyl.
The demon is a good option from the tts you listed the only downside is that while you can change the stylus you cannot change the cartridge on the tonearm. I believe that will be applicable on the other turntables as well. I don't recommend buying a turntable with built in speakers because the sound quality of the speakers will be very bad it's better to have a separate amplifier and speakers. I'm not sure but I think the denon is available for 12k on the revolver club website you should check it out
Don't go for the models with built-in speakers as you have mentioned. Apart from sounding lousy to the point of putting you off vinyls forever, they are known to damage the vinyls.
For your budget the Denon seems to be good choice, the cheapest decent in market.
Good luck.
Welcome to HFV . If you want to walk along the vinyl route , you will find it to be a very nice one. But I would suggest you to go through some threads in our forum just as a member has already told to learn something more about TT from FMs who have been with vinyls for so many years. In your budget Denon or Audiotechnica seems to be fine. It seems that you want a compact set so try to find out TT with inbuilt phono stage but please don't buy aTT with speakers as it will kill your interest in vinyl. Better buy a good TT and connect it to an active set of speakers or go for separates i.e amp. and passive speakers to enjoy analogue in its full glory and grandeur. As regards your another requirement , bluetooth connectivity you search on line . I can't remember correctly but it seems that I read about a TT with that feature on HFV. Therefore proceed slowly and you will get what you want. Please keep us updated.

i bought the Denon for my father last year - wasnt expecting much given its price but it sounded surprisingly good. Its plasticky in appearance but otherwise a good one. Pls avoid a TT with built in speakers.
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