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Jul 21, 2008
Where to buy Norge MOSFET reference 2000 streo amplifier in Chennai...Also suggest me a good stereo amplifier for 100x2 watts Philips woofers, 25x2 watts midrange and tweeters...
I am not sure whether Norge has a dealer in Chennai. Please contact their Mumbai office, and I am sure they will be able to guide you. Worst case, if you are keen on the Norge, I am sure they can courier it to you. Their contact details are:

Eastern Electronics
225, Hammersmith Industrial Estate,
Mumbai - 16

Telefax: 022 2446 6627
Mobile: 98218 71023
URL: Norge Audiophile Systems

Regarding other maps. we would need more details such as the type of music you like, your budget etc.

I have some new age collection...Mostly i listen to it on my computer it has got a 24-bit 192 KHz sound card..Just wanna replace my system speakers with a decent amplifier...I'm not interested in surround sound receivers as they are not needed my budget is 20-30 k ...

Have you already bought the Philips speakers?

if not, a better option may be to look at AudioEngine self powered speakers. They have received raving reviews and are a perfect match for a computer system. Take a look at:

Audioengine - Powered stereo speakers for your home and office. Custom built for iPod and other MP3 audio players.

In India they are available from

Room #1&2, Mahesh Chambers,
Building #391 Narsi Natha Street,
Katha Bazar Mumbai - 400009 INDIA
Tel: 66359109 / 66359976
Siddharth Bhatia - Tel: 9821516338
Amandeep Singh - Tel: 9324233508
[email protected]

If you have already purchased the speakers, you can look at Norge and maybe even an amp from Audiocraft in Chennai. I don't have personal experience on either , but I have heard good reviews on both.

At 20 to 30K you can also look at entry level amps from Cambridge Audio (340A, and 540A) as well as from NAD (315BEE or 325BEE).

All these amps are good and will give you years of good enjoyment.

Ahhhhh! This is tricky. I generally shy away from recommending any brand as the liking/disliking of an amplifier's output is very subjective. Some like it 'warm', some like it 'forward', while some want a lot of booom booom.!!!

I have heard both the CA and NAD amplifiers and they both sound very nice to my ears. As compared to CA, NAD has a tendency to push the base forward. Drums and other low frequency sounds will sound more prominent. I have not heard the Radiocraft amplifier, though there have been some good reviews in these columns.

I would strongly recommend that you audition the amps and decide yourselves. Since you are in Chennai, you will not be able to audition the Norge. But you can audition the CA, NAD, Marantz, and Radiocraft amplifiers. If you are not worried about brand, visit Torvin in Ritchie Street. He has a set of amps that he makes himself and also sells Yamaha amplifiers.

I would welcome other members to chip in with their recommendations.
Dear Mr.Venkat

I agree about everything with your above posting except the TORVIN factor , i have visited Mr.Thangachans Demo room ( very good acoustics ) , But i didnt like the sound of Torvin , its very harsh and very forward and what to say ...........

Instead Norge is a better option IMO

Sure Tharun, if you don't like Torvin, keep away. That is the very essence of buying what your ears like.

Norge has some good reviews. I wonder how you will get an audition before buying them. If you are planning a trip to Mumbai, also take a look at Pulz amplifiers. I have heard them and they sound good. Actually you can hear Pulz in Chennai at Pro Musicals. You have to very patient though, as they are more interested in selling professional equipment.
the TA 2300 model pumps out 300 watts but I don't have speakers to process that load...Does he makes speakers too...some more suggestion needed on speakers:p

According to Trovin's specs, the TA 2300 is rated at 300 watts RMS per channel. The term ??RMS power? is misused in the consumer audio industry. RMS means the average power (Root Mean Square) when reproducing a single tone, but it??s not actually the true RMS value of the power.

When we discuss power here, we generally refer to peak power of the amplifier, or power that it can provide on a continuous basis to all channels. On a very roughly scale, 300 watts RMS per channel will work out to 150 watts of peak power per channel.

SayCheese, to answer your question, Torvin makes a large number of equipment including speakers, amplifiers etc. But as Tharun said he found Torvin's equipment 'forward' and 'harsh'

I have repeated this many times in this forum. Do not blindly purchase an equipment based on what you read here. This forum can only point you in a particular direction. Since you were looking for Norge, all I did was add a few more Indian manufacturers I am aware of. I do not and never will recommend any brand or product. I will always try to keep my comments completely neutral excepting on purely technical terms (something that can be proven scientifically) where there can be no arguments.

Please make sure you personally audition the equipment and like the sound of what you hear. Since you already have speakers, it will be even better if you can hear the amplifier driving your own speakers. This may mean lugging your speakers to the showroom, or asking the manufacturer to demo the equipment in your home.

Tharun I value your opinion as I have never heard any Torvin equipment personally. All I know is that he seems to sell well and be very popular with a lot of people.
Torvin is good at amplifiers but if you need a branded one you'll have to go with Cambridge Audio , they produce excellent amplifiers ..My suggestion is CA 340A it gives 40x2 output @ 8 ohms...:)
Hi Saycheese,

I use Craftel stereo amplifier since from October 2007, and it sounds good. If you can, please come to my home and have an audition. You might have read the posts and pictures in this forum. Mr. J. Kalyanaraman also visited to my home and tested the speakers and amplifier.

Initially, I enquired only Norge and spoke to Mr. Shyam Bajaj directly. I came to know from the reviews that the amplifier you opted is good. But without listening to the performance, I didnt want to buy that and also we cannot get any service support though they charge for the warranty. So in case if any problem, you have to sort it on your own or the amplifier has to be sent to Norge company. Because of these logistic problems, I decided to buy an amplifier in Chennai with available service facilities. I also had a demo from Torvin and as the other member said, the bass was harsh and the products are little bit pricey (because they use VIFA drivers). Then I went to Audiocraft, had a demo, and purchased floorstanders and 100w RMS (per channel) amplifier (Model No. STA662) and I am very much satisfied with the performance and price.

I just shared my experience with Craftel amplifier. Similarly you can try within Chennai to get a better amplifier.

In my opinion, inspite of good reviews and other things, it is better to listen to your piece that you want to purchase and decide.

Muthusami. S

Where to buy Norge MOSFET reference 2000 streo amplifier in Chennai...Also suggest me a good stereo amplifier for 100x2 watts Philips woofers, 25x2 watts midrange and tweeters...

My suggestions:

1. If you are listening to music, please do not decide any boxed items like the one you mentioned. My brother is having a superior Sony Home Theater system and it sounds no good for listening to music. You can only hear music; you cannot listen :)

2. Since you already have speakers, what is the need of spending money for a boxed item that has only satellite speakers and sub woofers.

3. Please do not stumble upon the look and feel and brand loyalty.

However, if you decide to buy the Sony product, I would recommed to put this as the last item in your wish list. Take some more time and decide.

I came to know that the price of the Sony product you mentioned is nearly 20K and you can get an high quality equipment.

These are all only my friendly suggestions and decide according to your preferences.

All the best.

Muthusami. S

Finally I found this system HT-DDW685 : Home Theatre Component System : Home Theatre System : Sony India its not a streo system but I think its worth the money... & I don't have to run here and there for assembling components together ... Will decide after seeing the CA s performance...But is there anyone selling polk audio here in Chennai:confused:
Going to ritchie st today to check torvin amplifiers..Mr.Muthuswamy what you said about sony is absolutely meaningful ...Any idea about Torvin amps ?? :confused:

Torvin amplifier that I had audiotioned (80W RMS) is good; From ritchie street, audiocraft is nearyby. If you have time, try to have a demo there.

Muthusami. S

Going to ritchie st today to check torvin amplifiers..Mr.Muthuswamy what you said about sony is absolutely meaningful ...Any idea about Torvin amps ?? :confused:
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