Norge Symphoney Vs Millineum Bookshelf Speakers


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Jul 29, 2009
Hi All,

I am planning to Bookshelf speakers, the Amp I have decided as Norge 1000 Gold.

So now have a choice between Norge Symphoney Vs Millineum Bookshelf Speakers.

has any body in this forum had a chance to audition Norge Symphoney BookShelf speakers. I am planning to buy them but don't have any opportunity for their audition here in Bangalore.

If anybody can share their listening experience on them, that would be a great help for me while taking this decision.

Symphoney Reference:

Millineum Reference: India > Norge Millennium Bookshelf Speakers > Reviews > HiFi & TV > Bookshelf

Norge Audio

Here is their specs,
Norge Millenium Book Shelf - 15000 Rs 2 Way, 1 driver 6 x 1 silk dome tweeters, 125 W RMS, 4 ohm, 40Hz 30KHz.

Norge MD Symphony Book Shelf 15000 Rs 3 Way, 2 drivers 5 x 1 soft dome tweeters, 120 W RMS, 4 ohm, 30Hz - 23KHz, 90 db.

My requirements are,
1: I will be using it 80% for Audio and 20% for watching movies.

2: I listen to almost everything which I like at times, right from Indian Classical(mostly Santoor and Tabla), Gazals and soft vocals to fast hindi movies tracks, Panjabi, dance numbers, Pop, Jazz etc. So basically a setup should respond well in all the ranges(low mid -high), and posses tight and enough bass to fill a living room.

3: Currently not planning to go for a sub-woofer.

5: Would also like to play radio/FM etc.

Can somebody please share his/her experience on the same.

Thanks a lot.
^ they are(were) defineltely cheaper wheni reveiwed them
i think the model was md 75 or something
Yeah...but the norge speakers which Magma reviewed, 3 Way Symphoney wasn't there among them :(

However I had a long discussion with Magma over phone, and that was awesome. For newbie like me it was a great learning. He explained me the basics of a 2 channel stereo setup and listened to my novice queries very patiently. Thanks a lot bro.

And about the pricing, The 2 way Millennium are available at 11,500 where as 3 way symphoney are available at 15,500.
for a 15 k budget i would look at PSB alpha B1 quite seriously
do look at those

unfortunately no one here stocks the symphony for me to review
and i dont want to impose on mr bajajwheni have no intention of buying
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