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NX2 VS E07K headphone amplifier, which do you prefer?

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New Member
Jul 29, 2014
united states
I am on a tight budget and I want to buy a headphone amplifier. I found these two but not sure which should I choose.
(1) NX2 is much thinner. it has metal shell with grind arenaceous processing, will not leave fingerprint, while EO7K has LED display which is easily scratched and leave fingerprint.
The top roller has a key and control sound
(2) E07K is functional and more comprehensive with bass and treble adjustment while the sound effect of NX2 is good enought to meet the requirements of general users. It's sound is natural and balanced. Ttimbre slants cold. Perhaps it is not good enough for the music players.
(3) NX2 uses Wima capacitor, which is characterized by fast speed, low loss. Its working time lasts for 100 hours while E07K lasts only for 24 hours.
(4) NX2 is 2-3 times cheaper than EO7K.

After reading some reviews, I know that NX2 is suitable for new users and nomar users while EO7K is better for player.
My requirement is not that much but meet my basic need of listening to music. My budget is about $80. Which one would you prefer?Links below for more details information