onkyo 705 official thread at avs???


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Aug 28, 2008
in my house..,
hey brothers

i have just check onkyo 705 official thread at avs forum about using its auto calibration mic about setting for sub

the guy from auddysey said

you must set the subwoofer own volume at that point in which you av receiver show your sub level in its menu between -3d to +3db

like if it shows sub level below -3db then you set you subwoofer volume trim high and if it show over + 3db then you have your sub volume trim too low

so i used his formula and at 9'0clock position on my both polk psw 125 my onky receiver shows -2db (which is now in the range from -3d to +3db)

and i definetly improve its audio which much tighter and i can here more subtle things in high and mid frequency which are not available there before

actually i set both polk psw 125 at 12o'clock position before and av receiver shows -15db and i never though i have set my subwoofer volume too high

i guess its very much helpful for me as i can now hear more diffrent notes in subwoofers which are just one note bass before

i hope it can help another members here who don't have any radioshack spl metre just like me :)
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