Onkyo 705 + what???? help! help!


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Jun 18, 2008
hi guys
i am planning to buy a new home theatre setup for my room to go with a 40in LCD.

I've actually decided to go with ONKYO sr705 avr because of its features and the price it is on offer for (rs. 45000 appx)
my total budget is around 1.25L.

I'd like you to suggest me the speaker setup i sholud go for.
remember i love music and like to watch occasional movies i.e., the setup will be used 75% music and 25% movies.

These are some of my likings for front 2 speakers.
Jamo S708
Polk Audio RTiA7 (doubt availability in Delhi)

i'd request the profesionals out there to suggest a good pair of front 2 speakers to go with the avr (not neccesarily from above) + the rest of 5 speakers and the sub woofer to go with them

With Thanks
If the 1.2L is for the front FL, then the ProAc Studio 140 is worth an audition.

As a package, my vote goes to Dali Ikon 6 package followed by MA Bronze package and Tannoy Fusions.

All the best.

With the suggested budget and the said taste,I'd say wharfedale diamond 8 and 9 series are the choices for you ! should easily fit in your budget and as with the stereo sound is concerned its very very decent !!

Alternatively check out the MA package and the Quad L-ite package (approx 75K) the quads are killer for their price and very few come close to their performance !!

i seem to have your responses to my query, anyways whats your opinion on JAMO S708
Never heard those. Although, Jamo had a decent package around S606, may be you can try that. The problem is that I dont find Jamo value for money in India. They are way too over priced. Also worth mentioning are the Avant series from MS.

Best Regards.

I really wouldn't give that much importance if I were you !! the reason being they are very good for party kinda sound not the detailed sound :p !

Even the Jamo guys themselves say the same !!

S 708
This speaker is highly sensitive, meaning it will play very loud with even a small amplifier. Hook a pair of these up and you??re ready for party! This is a set of no-nonsense stereo speakers that can really bring out the beat in all kinds of music.
A 25mm/1in dome tweeter with horn-loading matched with two 165mm/6½in midrange drivers ensures strong and clear vocals and instruments while the massive 254mm/10in side-mounted woofer delivers the bass. Turn the woofer side of the speaker towards the corners of the room, and you can create a pretty passable impersonation of an earthquake zone!

So I'd say unless you are not looking for bang bang sound or loud sound !! steer clear of them !!

what do you have to say on JBL es100/ e100

its got 2x10' woofers, its only 4way speaker system in its class, price around 50k.

give me ur reviews and opinions on it
delhite2, jbl strengths and jamo's are different. I have always seen JBL's marketed in India are primarily for big halls and complexes. If you hear them for yourself, I am sure you will comment that the bass is quite good as in powerful, the treble might be fine as well. But, the midrange is not there. Simply to put, for the same price class there are so many other options available out there. Most of the people start with Bose. Then look around and since, JBL and Jamo are the ones with most showrooms and probably e-zone affiliation etc; most of the times people check these next. Then next they check out Polk from Profx and then you slowly discover there is a big world out there and you have to figure out what works best for you. Given that you have said that music is your priority, the recommendations will be to go for some nice standmounts (bookshelves) which can do justice to that and add some rears and centre to that.
given that you have around 1lakh max for 5.1 my recommendation will be foll:
1. B&W D685 5.1 currently discounted around 30% and available for 1lakh till the end of this month alone.
2. Quad L-ite suggested earlier is an excellent package as well. Particularly, if you are looking for smaller speakers and if you given importance to music.
3. Epos ELS3 5.1 for about 75k is also a very good package for both movies and music.
4. If Usher S520 5.1 comes within your budget please audition that as well.
thanx for all ur recommendations,
i havent still got my answer, still looking for the best pair of front floor standing speakers in the range of 65k
Gopi, the RS6 are indeed are good speakers. In my experience, if you dont partner them well, you could risk having them sound rather bright and bass heavy.

On second thought, dont know if 'heavy' is the right term cuz they do produce nice bass, and who hates them anyways?!
unleash_me, you are right :) I listened to RS6 and also few other standmounts and floorstanders around that price and higher. I too think that they aren't perfect. But, somehow that bass and something else over there makes me like them more. I guess the Usher's V series should beat these from what I have read. Lets see.
the webiste saya
'Recommended amplifier requirements (R.M.S) Watts 40 - 100 '
i'm planning to buy 175 watts rms amp
i've been told to go with rf-82 klipsch as front l/r, synergy c-2 as center, synergy s-2 as 4 surrounds and finally sub-12 as subwoofer

how do u think system will perform?

pricing - rf82 -48k
c-2 11k
s-2 15k for 1 pair
sub-12 22k

anyone who knows a delaer who can offer better prices in delhi ?
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