Onkyo HT-S6200


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Jul 26, 2009
Looks good but have to hear it. By increasing your budget you can have better options in terms of separates. A good combo I can recommend is Yamaha 663 and Q-Acoustics package.
Guys, I am planning to buy Onkyo HT-S6200. Would appreciate if you guys can share your thoughts on this HTIB. Here are few links

This HTIB model will be launched in India soon and expected price is around 57K according to Onkyo dealer.

That must be the MRP, selling price will be usually low. Any Idea when it will be available in India.

Gap G J
Hey thanks for the update :yahoo:.... I will check with the dealer...
Hi Zoey,

Were you able to get the prices? Not clear you are from which city, but I would be interested in getting information for Mumbai.

mahesh.. I am from bangalore btw.... and I did check with the onkyo dealer here in bangalore ... he told me the MRP is around 59K but they are selling it for 49K ( suppose to be discounted price ).
mahesh.. I am from bangalore btw.... and I did check with the onkyo dealer here in bangalore ... he told me the MRP is around 59K but they are selling it for 49K ( suppose to be discounted price ).


Can you enquire anywhere other than the onkyo show room.
I enquired with modern radios because they are running a ad @25k for 3200 model which is 33% less than the MRP, but they have no idea about the 6200 till last week. May be now they would have received some information. Kindly enquire with them.

Gap G J
Today I had been to Onkyo Showroom for Demo. Must say I was really impressed with sound quality its just great ( for movies ) . As others have mentioned Onkyo is not really a great system for music and I guess thats true even for this model. In music mode the sound fills the room its good but not great. The sub woofer was bit larger than what I had expected. I just tried couple of movies Kill Bill and Master and Commander. The price of this model is still 49K (b'lore - dealer ). I still have to en-quire with other dealers.
I bought 6200 yesterday from Reliance Digital, Vashi. MRP is 59K and MOP is 49K. After bargain, final price was 44.6 K or 49K with free Pioneer DVD 220 & HDMI Cable. Finally settled for 49 K with Pioneer DVD 220 as this DVDP is difficult to find with in other big shops. Awaiting delivery today and will install by this weekend.

Thanks to all forum members for the guidance in selecting HT and special thanks to Venkatji for a professional review on DV 220.

Now I look forward to your guidance in the following:

1. Speakers Placement for Surrounds & rear surrounds - I Have inverted L shaped living room with almost 45 deg viewing from sofa. No issue with Center & Fronts as I can place them on the wall unit above my TV. My present display is 32" Sharp LCD and Tata Sky.

2. Interconnects - Brands and approx. prices and right place to buy in Mumbai. I can't afford costly one's and I need decent one's.

(i) Speaker cables. I understand there are some paintable speaker cables which can be used without concealing.
(ii) Sub Woofer Cable.
(iii) HDMI Cable for connecting AVR to TV. From DVD to AVR, I will use the bundled cable
(iv) Co-axial cable from DVD to AVR
(v) AV Cable from Tata Sky to LCD. I was told by using good cable the performance will improve than the existing cable supplied with set top box.
(vi) Audio Cable from LCD Out to AVR. This is for enjoying TV Movie/Music Channels on HT.

For the time being I will use the bundled cables with 6200 and then replace with good interconnects once I find the ideal places for speakers.

Please suggest/share your views.
Great to hear that you are planning to buy 6200

Here in chennai you can get for 46-47 kk really its a good deal..

The system is great one for watching movies...

If you can upgrade the front speakers .. It will be very good for music too ... You can get yamaha floor standers for 13- 20 K

But with the default onkyo speakers we cannot says music sucks... But we can say just okay
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