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Feb 28, 2009
Hi Everybody,

If any one buying vinyl through online store please share your experience here with details.Vinyl quality,Shipping charge,Shipping time,Shipping method in details.

This helps all vinyl lover.

Long Live Vinyl

Thanks to all.


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Sharing my experience as I have gathered that a lot of vinyl lovers are pretty much apprehensive about ordering online.....
I have had no issues, so far, in receiving vinyl.. all of the packages I ordered were cleared from customs. To fill in gaps in my collection, I order LPs once in two months (at least). So far I have ordered LPs from Canada, UK, USA, and from ebay through various courier options -- including Air Mail, through ordinary mail and reputed couriers. Last time I ordered LPs from Canada and I received the package after 2 months. My guess is that the package was biting the dust at customs and then they had mercy on it and stamped it "cleared". I wasnt hopeful and thought that I wont be lucky this time.

I think customs never withheld any LP package if the contents and value of the same is clearly mentioned on it. Or I might be lucky so far....
hi arindamcc,

the other thread 'buying vinyl in india' already has lots of suggestions on buying vinyl online, sites to buy vinyl from, shipping charges etc. so dont you think it would be better to continue there rather than a new thread? a new thread just breaks things up and creates duplication rather than having all info in one place.

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