Oppo DV-981H with Optoma HD65


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Oct 27, 2008
I have recently purchased Optoma HD65. Beautiful little piece of technology!
I am driving my audio through Onkyo S3105 5.1.

I currently own a Philips 3166 dvd player with progressive scan, but I intend to buy a good upscaling dvd player with HDMI. I recently went through many reviews about the Oppo 981H dvd player with Faroudja chipset & good upscaling capabilities. Most of them positive ones, but the doubt I have now is whether Oppo 981H is completely compatible with Optoma HD65.

Also if anyone has any idea about the macroblocking issues of Oppo with Optoma HD65 projector. I want to be sure that there are no major issues with the compatibility before making my decision.

Also if anyone could suggest me a better DVD player in the same price range as Oppo & fully compatible with HD65. I simply want to watch my normal SD DVDs at the best quality...probably the dream of many
Well, go for pioneer dv 610 it's a good player

HD 65 is a awesome projector, i am myself saving to buy the same, how much did u pay for the same ?
Yeah it definitely is an awesome pj. I got mine for INR 60000/-
I will check out the pioneer model . do u know of any dealer of this model in Delhi?
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