oppo launches BDP-83SE for 900$

Good news doesn't end here for existing Oppo BDP 83 owners too as Oppo has provided an option to existing customers of Upgrading their existing BDP 83 players for 299$, this way we can save around 100$ over the cost of the new player. But the bad news is that the same needs to be carried out at the Oppo official service center which doesn't exist in India yet.
In my opinion Panasonic are making Good & much cheaper BDp than Oppo.

yeah but oppo offer a lot more for that 20k. to play divx, you need to go to the top of the line bdp80. none of them can play mkv. and the analogs are supposed to be much better, but then for that price, you can get a cd player itself.

I am not buying an oppo though.:lol:
I have a nasty feeling Oppo's success has gine to it's head, and the their strategy has gone belly up. At these prices, they will start competing with much better players who have been in the market for a long time, and they will lose. If I have to spend 1000$ for a Blu-Ray player, I will look very hard in the market. When I bought the 983, I did not even look at another player.

Oppo cannot sustain a long and hard fought competition at matching prices with companies such as Pioneer, Panasonic, Denon, NAD, Marantz and other. Implementing a DAC chip such as the Sabre is child's play with the chip manufacturers holding your hand all the way. Oppo's audio circuitry was itself borrowed, so I fain to understand what they are doing now.

how does the new DAC (ESS Sabre) compare with the one in BDP-83 (or is there dac in it).

How will a 3 way shootout between -
Oppo BDP-83 SE or BDP-83
Asus Xonar

end if I only consider DAC sound quality.
I came across an interesting article. NuForce has taken the BD-83SE, modified it and are selling it for $1295. It will be interesting to see what the reviews are. Could this be a serious universal player that could even replace a high end CD Player?

NuForce.com - High End Products - OPPO BDP-83SE Nuforce Edition


Branded companies (like OPPO, Marantz) how allow other companies to do modification and then sell officially thier patented products? Even they are appointed as authorised dealers who is doing the modification on the original
products! why dont the same modifications to be done at the home itself
by the company? Then what is the meaning by call it as branded?, patented?
Mostly, the famous,high end products are modified!
Branded companies (like OPPO, Marantz) how allow other companies to do modification and then sell officially thier patented products? Even they are appointed as authorised dealers who is doing the modification on the original
products! why dont the same modifications to be done at the home itself
by the company? Then what is the meaning by call it as branded?, patented?
Mostly, the famous,high end products are modified!

Oppo started off as a company that will make reasonable products that are sold at very inexpensive prices. To keep the prices down, they have to cut corners somewhere. In a DVD, the audio circuitry usually takes a beating. In spite of all this, Oppo is now selling products at $500 a piece when they started with products that were selling at close to $100 a piece. Even the 83SE is completely out of sync with their company policy.

Fortunately for them, the 983 and BD83 have garnered enormous admiration in the market. If they bring out a version at higher prices, people will start looking elsewhere. Secondly Oppo has openly accepted that they do not have in house expertise to optimise audio circuitry.

I think their working with NuForce is a way a of brining out a few products that will become cult items that people will lust after. Instead of standardising these modifications, increasing the prices, and taking a risk in the market, they are attempting this methodology to gauge market reaction. If they see enough response, they may even come out with a BD83 SE Mark II, incorporating the changes that NuForce incorporates.

Remember, Oppo is in a dangerous position with just one product. They have to come out quickly with more products if they have to survive. In addition, the BD83 SE is already priced in such a way wherein many people will hesitate and look at competitive products. In ordinary DVD, for example, I will not even think twice about buying a Pioneer. I will not even look at any other brand. Oppo's 97x, 98x were in that league. They now have started competing with other major brands, and are in a dangerous situation. I suppose their working with NuForce is reducing their risks.

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I have used the opp 981H DVD players earlier . My main interest was due to the firmware upgrade system .

When i got it in India through my sister from US , i had high hopes on this DVD player .

Volla , day one the Analog outs don' t work and some DVDs don't play

I had a hell of a time with this DVD player . The video resolution was amazing with the Farajodia chip built in ..

just got the Oppo BDP83SE(U.S. Version) a week ago... I think it is very good (luckily for me no problems with the player) especially the dedicated Stereo and 7.1 analogue audio outs which sound incredible for the price with CD, SACD Multichannel or stereo, DVD-A And Blu-Ray...

Only setback being that it plays only region A Blu-rays whish is fine with me cause dont think bollywood will come up with good quality Hi-Def Video or Audio very soon (Any way they release their quality versions in the U.S. for the U.S. audience) so will make do with their SD DVDs which the BDP83SE can play and beautifully i might add
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Venkat, cant but agree with your views...

In Singapore the std bd83 costs S$!000. I thougt long and hard before buying it to replace my ylod ps3. After all there were several other players from established brands selling at about half the price. What swung it for me was all the rave reviews of the audio part as well. But when I got it my impression was that in cd play the oppo was very disappointing. Very.

But then, have no fear, the oppo came out with an SE version, with improvements in the audio circuitry and chips. Just hand over another S$500 or so, they said.

I said enough.:rolleyes:
Bj, Oppo products were/are designed to be, first & foremost, excellent video players, which also play audio quite well.
Audio performance was never their USP, nor is it what they got rave reviews for.
Methinks our expectations shld also be on the same wavelength.
When I got my Oppo 981 in 2008, it was with the expectation of an excellent upscaling Dvd player which could also put out an Audio performance on par with, say, a Marantz 5001 CDP; my expectations were fulfilled.
I am now looking forward to Viren finalisisng his proposed tube output based DAC;that with the Oppo 981 serving as a very good transport should enable a jump in audio performance.
Perhaps you too should enjoy the BD83 as an excellent video front end & add a suitable Dac for the audio front.
Its pointless blaming Oppo for not creating a player which is as class leading in audio performance as it is in video-the BD83SE is an attempt in upgrading the audio section at an additional 300$ only for customers who would be satisfied with that level of performance- it'll never compete with dedicated hi end CDPs or much costlier universal players like the Ayre, which cost much, much more.
IMHumbleO, plz keep your expectations reasonable.
Just a friendly suggestion....
I believe digital experts, Theta Digital also has tied-up with Oppo and launched the Theta Compli Blu player that is nothing but a modified BDP-83, launched in the CES-2010.

Looks as if this is official. http://thetadigital.com/compli_blu_info.shtml

I am getting more and more disillusioned with these high end companies. Looks as if they have all be adding 10% improvement in performance for a 500% increase in price. All for a brand name !!!

It boggles the mind that these companies who claim such technical knowledge find it difficult to design their own circuitry for audio and video delivery. I can understand picking up a transport from someone, but going along with a third party complete player and just fooling around with the cabinet and power supply is a little difficult to understand.

Lexicon have been caught with their pants down. Not to get the same treatment, other companies have started openly accepting that they are using drives from third party companies.

What saddens me the most is that, at the end of the day, we will lose Oppo as a company that delivers excellent players at very reasonable costs. In the Blu-Ray market, I am sure they will get beaten by Panasonic and Pioneer. Panasonic 60 is selling in Dubai for around 10K INR, and Pioneer's 320 for about 12K. To me dreaming about getting a Oppo Blu-Ray has lost it's charm. At 35K odd available in India, it just does not make sense any more.

Sometime ago I predicted that Blu-Ray players will be available in India for less than 10K by 2010 end. It looks as if it will come true from Panasonic and Pioneer.

If only the media/movies also become affordable.

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