Orb Audio Anyone?

I saw one system in a demo once and was quite impressed. Its mostly used in smaller environments so if you room is reasonably sized then it should fit your bill.

The one thing that they went a bit overboard is the sub, it was a bit boomy in teh demo, though you can tone it down manually.

Re: pricing, I am trying to remember but I might have seen it for as low as USD 750 or so.

Also, the HDMI cable prices seem a total rip off. Avoid that option. You can buy any HDMI cable and it will work well within reasonable distances (30 ft or less).

The AVR 363 does not have YPAO, which is an automatic speaker calibration tool that other models had earlier. My oldest one RX-V659 had it though it did not have HDMI support. Also I have seen this AVR sell for as less as USD 175 on occasion from retailers. (buy.com??)

For audio it supports DD II and DTS, more than enough for 5.1 surround sound. As you see from the link below, you can compare the different systems


from the looks of it, i would strongly suggest to go with the 463 since it supports YPAO (remove almost al the manual calibration jazz) and also I noticed the binding posts for the speakers are the normal 5 way ones. I am not sure how you would connect spekaers 3/4 & 5 in the 363 still. May be the pin push slots up there as I see only 2 pairs fo the speaker posts.

Overall a good deal as a first HT system.
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Thanks prem/marsilians!

marsilians - Checking out the link you gave.

Initially I was thinking of just the speakers alone, but $999 seemed like a good deal for the all inclusive deal...

My cousin in the US uses Orb and swears by them so was thinking of getting one for my or the parents bedroom.
A beautiful, well-constructed speaker with class-leading soundstage, imaging and bass that is fast, deep, and precise.