Philips 21:9 (56 Inch) LCD Television

I read this around 2moths back that Philips making cinemascope LCD.
I posted somewhere this before.
Best format for any TV is 16:9. I think anything wider than this looks ugly. I hope no other manufactuer will follow them.

Imagine how tata sky will look on 21:9 tv. Amrita Rao will look like Saroj Khan.

We can't buy television only for watching 21:9 movies. Its rubbish concept by a silly engineer from Philips.

Philips never does anything useful. Their radios were quite good, not tvs
Well philips is gaining reputation/good ratings in LCD this year.
21:9 is dedicated to HT viewers only.
This is a bold step forward to newer technology / formats.

As there are still many movies with aspect ration higher than 2.33:1.
So many movies will still be "letterboxed" in this TV.

Slowly this can become a newer standard in TVs to bridge the gap between these formats.
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