Philips 5996 OR Pio 610


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May 1, 2009
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I believe, Most popular DVPs in the forum are 1. Oppo 2. DV 99 3. Pio 610 4. Philips 5996 in that order.

Now, Oppo and CA are high end and have dedicated thread in forum. While Philips is cheapest and Pio in grey comes close price wise. So, I want to start discussion here for the lower range i.e. 610 v/s 5996.

Everybody seems to rate 610 higher. But, In smaller cities, thare can be probem for service/part availibility regarding 610. And, in grey there is no Guarranty/Warranty. Philips has advantage in this regard. 5996 also has karaoke. Pio has more option of playable discs(DVDA etc).

Most users also tend to rate 610 higher perfornance wise.

So, I invite all experts to give their valuable insights and all user of the two to share their experience with the two.


I have Pioneer 610.

You need to feel what features are more important for you. If you are very keen in Karaoke, then don't deprive yourself. For me DVD-A and SACD was very important, so I didn't have to look at anything else, for my budget.

Also, Pio610 does not play vob files (DVD Video_TS) from USB drive. It does not matter to me as I have a NMT.

Pioneer spare parts (mostly lens assembly) are easily available in the market. Most of the time nothing goes wrong with these players within one year. So warranty should not be deciding criteria.

Good luck!
my recommendation would be philips

pioneer has some black level issues.
it doesn't have the capability of producing dark scenes in a better manner.

check it of yourself before buying
take a dvd of movie having darker scenes and feel the difference.

i came to know abt this after i bought pioneer one and then i feel disappointed.

philips is gr8 (checked & compared)

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