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Philips AG 2030 restoration

AV Cables


New Member
Apr 27, 2019
Hungerford, Berkshire, England

I'm currently restoring a Philips AG 2030, and need some advice. The Dutch service manual is not much use to me

  • What is the recommended lubricant for the turntable? When I removed it there was the remains of what looked like solidified grease - similar to general purpose automotive grease.
  • Are there any other lubrication points?
  • My deck has a built-in pre-amplifier. There is an earth braid on the DIN lead, but should there be a separate earth lead coming out from the tone arm? When I first removed the bottom cover, a thin piece of wire fell of of the bottom of the tone arm, and I suspect that this might have had something to do with earthing. I have seen a couple of pictures on the web which seem to show an additional earth wire (see blue wire in photograph below), but they are not clear enough for me to be sure.


  • The rubber mat is very stiff ( a common problem from what I have read). Is there any way of making it flexible again or will it just break into pieces?