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Feb 26, 2008
i love hearing both carnatic and hindustani clasical music.and the room size is 12*18 (w*l)

i am also planning to buy cyrus cd6s cd player with cyrus 8vs2 stereo amp

parterning with floorstander moniter audio rs6 , quad 22 L,dali ikon 6 or kef iq 5

i will be much obliged if few of of you post your observation/suggestion


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Love the cdp and do like the speakers too but dont think much of the amp.Would not team the cyrus cdp with the Cyrus 8VS but go for a bigger amp. U may get a thin, bright sound which may not be to ur taste. Tons of amps in that price range to drive full range floor standers better.
dear dinyar

thanks for prompt responce/suggestion. could yiu pl suggest the amp pl


Thats a pretty good CDp & Amp combo you've shortlisted !
Partner it with ProAc Studio 140 Speakers-A friend of mine has this exact Combo & it sounds heavenly with any sort of music.
The ProAc spkrs are sufficiently efficient to give you V. good SPL's with your room size.
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If its the pro ac 140 then definately a better amp(primare I 30, Marantz 15 SI and the like) or some pre/power combos.(primare Pre 30/A30.2 if the budget allows) If its the MA RS 6 the marantz or even the Nad 162/272(not popular but solid dependable combo) and goes well with the MA. I dont think much of it but the Roksan Kandy is also considered a great match to a cyrus cd and will drive all but the most difficult speaker loads.I think the cyrus amp just makes the sound lean. (tons of amps with most dealers explain why i guess)
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dear dinyaar and kamal

thanks a lot for your promt responce and suggestions

i too have heard roksan candy is good amp and it goes well with cyrus cdp6s though pro ac 140 is a good floor stander it may be boomy with this set up what do you feel how if we pair it with dali ikon 6 or ma rs6

The pro ac is far superior to anything else u mentioned but remember that a great speaker(Pro ac 140) can sound inferior to the MA rs 6(good at best) with the wrong amplification. Expensive speakers need not bring improvements in sound with moderate electronics. I think the MA RS6/Roksan/ Nad combo would be good and the money saved on the pro ac can and should be used in a great cdp. If pro ac then suitable amps(better than Roksan Kandy and the likes).Having said that i cant see why the pro ac will sound boomy!!!!!
The amps u mention will definately drive them but not to the levels that they are capable of delivering.I would buy the speakers i like and then try and provide the best amplification and source the pocket allows. So fix a budget and am sure u will get tons of options from lots of guys here and on similar forums.

PS; If u choose the Roksan good luck with the distributor. He could be a nightmare to deal with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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dear dinyaar

thanks and you r right on observations. proac is definitely avery good speaker as i have come to know. what i am trying to find out what could be the best speaker set up for the cyrus combo.if i opt for proac difinetely ihave to go for still beter electronics is it. reg the budget if need it can be


Then here is my suggestion
1)Marantz SA 7001 KI cdp or if budget allows Primare CD 31
2)Primare I 30 integrated or Bryston B 100 SST amp(different in character)
3)Floorstanders : Pro Ac 140, B&W 704.
4) Standmounters: B&W 805s /dyna contour 1.4

These are my suggestions. If u want even more flexibilty and performance buy pre/power combo instead of integrateds from the same manufacturers but the price will be much steeper though if its the pro acs their high sensitivity(91 or 92db ) would be easy for both the above mentioned integrateds to handle.
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Hi Babu,

I agree with all of Dinyaar's suggestions, but I am not sure if his point about the differences in speaker sound came out clear enough.

To make it simple, let us assume that you have two options:
1. Marantz SA 7001 KI cdp / Primare I 30 Amp / Pro Ac 140 speakers
2. Marantz SA 7001 KI cdp / NAD 162,272 Amp/ MA RS6 speakers

The first setup is obviously better than the other one, but they sound quite different. It is possible that you may actually prefer the second option! ...but then, not necessarily.

This would largely depend on your choice of music and personal preferences. So take the CDs that you listen to most of the time (not necessarily the best recorded ones) and spend at least one hour with each of these speakers, using the closest match for electronics.

My experience is that the first setup produces a more honest sound (as recorded), and with a better sound stage. While second setup produces a more lively sound, and is more forgiving to bad recordings; but the sound may not be truly reflecting the original recording. Also the MA sound is more upfront and intimate. So it depends on whether you prefer the singer on the stage or in the room. There is no right or wrong here, it is your personal preference. Make sure you finally decide ONLY based on what you like, and not based on what we or the reviewers consider to be better. Remember that you would be living with these speakers for a long time and would like to listen to them more often than your family members :)

dear dinyaar and medhavi

thanks for the kind response

primare cd31 with primare amp131 paired with proac 140 is surely sounds better. my only obsession is will my room size (12*18 ) (W*l) will sufice for the setup


Sharad has really hit the nail on the head. Expensive need not be the best to your ears so hear the MA even if all here including yours truly would say the Pro Acs are in a different league.
The pro ac s are made to be perfect/correct and very true. Thats the guys philosophy. Hence in an earlier post i said it may not appeal to all. Some prefer some color to cover/smear some imperfections to make music sound more pleasurable. There is no right or wrong here.
I am saying this as i am listening to a demo of the primare amp and its really wonderful but lacks drive. I feel there is a great bit in common with the Roksan amps. Similar tonality. Believe me none of these amps will drive any complex loads so audition carefully the tonality, the features obviously and also check the sound at higher volumes. Many a sweet amp give up and produce noise at higher volume levels.
Babu i believe u spoke to Mr colah(Roksan). Haha he is a parsi who should be in a museum. (some may say all of us are museum peices).
Anyway do keep us posted what the outcome of this musical journey culminates in!!!
Room of 12ft X 18ft is very decent (bombay standards). As long as u leave at least a foot behind, can seperate the speakers at least 5ft to get left/right seperation most reasonably sized FS can be accomodated.
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dear dinyaar

i am really thankful for your outright and frank opinion and suggestions

a am likely to decide about my gear very shortly after auditioning few of my desirables. surely i will post my selection once it gets finalised


Dear All,

I would like to share the Cyrus Philosophy of sound and design.

Very Interesting read :

The realistic reproduction of music remains as complex and elusive as it has ever been. Though extensive research in recent years by academics and designers alike has resulted in a better understanding of some parameters, this research has also thrown into sharp relief a host of other issues that were either hidden or ignored. In some cases much-heralded advances have proved to be misleading and, in the light of bitter experience, a return to purist principles has paid enormous dividends.

The plain fact is that there are serious differences between live music and Hi-Fi. Not all that long ago people thought that these could be addressed by improving a few key' parameters. Go back only a few years and you will find Hi-Fi literature almost obsessively concerned with topics such as bandwidth, distortion, feedback and, of course, power output. Even today there are some who view these measurements as definitive, apparently regardless of their sonic implications.
We could for example, at no extra cost to you or ourselves, re-design our entry-level Cyrus Straight Line with a power output in excess of 100 Watts per channel, a measured distortion of almost zero, and a virtually unlimited bandwith - and always to the detriment of the musical performance. And such holds true for every Cyrus product.
Now, none of this is intended to undermine the scientific process. Indeed, few companies anywhere in the world match our commitment to advanced research, state-of-the-art laboratories and an R&D payroll exceeding twenty percent of sales. The important issue here is that music is abstract, intangible and essentially unquantifiable by textbook methods alone.
The elegant lines and outstanding ergonomics have helped to make Cyrus a product not merely for the dedicated enthusiast but for all discerning music lovers. But above all, the genius of Cyrus designs lies in their ability to transcend pedantic ideology and to highlight music's spiritual and emotional dimension. By emphasising these timeless values your Cyrus system will bring you the joy of music for many years to come.

A Coherent Philosophy

At Cyrus, technology and traditional human values go hand in hand. Despite our huge investment in computer aided design and manufacture, every model in Mission's prestige Hi-Fi range Cyrus is ultimately hand made and individually tested. Although we use robots for mundane tasks, no robot can add the pride in good workmanship that distinguishes a Cyrus product from the mass-produced.

Innovation without tears

The latest Computer Aided Design equipment is widely used in the design of Cyrus. Ultra-fast CAD stations mean Cyrus engineers can iron out many of a product's wrinkles - even before the first prototype is built - streamlining the design process. Computers check complex circuit boards in seconds so that our designers can safely innovate with confidence.
Audio design philosophy in the Eighties and Nineties has stagnated largely due to an obsessive interest in the provision of ever more complex features and gadgets - most of them of dubious worth.
At Cyrus we have a different philosophy.
Here, we combine subjective design with engineering excellence to produce products capable of reproducing the excitement and dynamics of music - with versatility and upgradeability.

Measurements aren't enough!

You can take it for granted that all Cyrus equipment has outstanding specifications - but music is what it's all about.
It is not inevitable that combining the best audio components from one, or many, manufacturers, produces the best sound. In many cases what should be an outstanding sound system falls far short of expectations. Instead of complementing each other, components conflict - with a variety of differing sonic personalities blurring the soundstage.
This is where Cyrus is different. Throughout all models you'll find a consistent design approach resulting in the most neutral sonic solution. As you add to your Cyrus system each component reinforces the others producing a seamless whole.
Modularity - a Cyrus concept
The Cyrus concept is built round a carefully thought out combi-nation of linking separates which can be combined in many ways. If you are new to Hi-Fi you may be unsure as to the direction your interest may take. You may want to explore the possibilities of Home Theatre, route high quality sound all around your house, or simply concentrate on building an outstanding stereo system - or you may want to do all of these. No matter what your requirements are, there are Cyrus units to fulfil them - from a minimalist basic
sound system to a multi-room Home Theatre complex.
Built-out obsolescence

Because we refuse to subscribe to the throwaway society, you can buy your first Cyrus system confident that your investment will retain its value and that you will be able to keep abreast of audio innovations with compatible Cyrus products for many years.
Manufactured to high specifications with carefully selected components, Cyrus products offer the ideal blend of performance and looks in a surprisingly affordable package.
The elegant precision magnesium alloy case represents a huge investment in design and tooling,
yet because we use it in all our products, we can do so economically.
Cyrus is user-friendly. The control and operational circuitry stays behind the front panel leaving you with an elegant system that's simple to operate.
When you buy Cyrus, you have joined an exclusive family and you can be confident that your Hi-Fi needs will be taken care of in the years to come. Cyrus will grow with your requirements.

Nobody was ever sorry for buying the best.

Dear Babu,

Well, IMO ofcourse, I think the Proac & Cyrus combo is extremely musical.
The Studio 140 is an easy load to drive.
I dont wish to comment on other manufacturers, but it will be best for you to hear and decide for yourself.
Audio is very subjective, what suits one might not with the other.

Babu, here you have another recommendation for the combo I had suggested earlier.
Jay of SNV knows which friend I was talking about so he will be able to confirm that my suggestion was after many listening sessions alongwith other audiophile friends all bringing CDs of their choice ;the combo of Cyrus CDP/Amp & ProAc Studio140 shone with a wide diversity of material.If I were to describe it in brief, the words would be "Balanced & Musical".
My request to you would be to audition this combo thoroughly and then make up your mind.
dear snv and kamal

thank you for you information and suggestion i will post you reg the progress made in my selection and buy


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