Plasma TVs to be banned in EU


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Dec 11, 2008
This came in today's Indian Express too...

Power hungry plasma screen televisions to be banned under new EU legislation - Telegraph

From the article:

Giant flatscreen televisions have been dubbed the '4x4s' of the living room because they can consume four times as much energy as traditional televisions that used cathode ray tubes (CRTs).

Now European governments are finalising a mandatory EU regulation to set minimum standards for televisions. The worst performers will be phased out, and the rest will have to be labelled with energy ratings, so consumers will be able to identify in order to distinguish the most energy efficient sets.

Britain has 60 million television sets, one for every person in the country. In the past five years the main television in many households has changed from being a 24-32in cathode ray model to a 32-42 flatscreen television.

Power consumption goes up as the screens increase in size, so a big plasma model could use four times as much electricity and be responsible for the emission of four times as much carbon dioxide as the biggest CRT, and they account for twice as much as a fridge-freezer.

The moves follow last week's withdrawal of the 100W incandescent lightbulb, are part of a drive to slow the rapid growth of electricity consumption in homes by phasing out wasteful devices and introducing more efficient ones.

A spokesman for the Department-for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs said the plasma television would not be banned completely, with eco-friendly sets remaining on the market.

LCD flat screen televisions are much more energy efficient than their plasma cousins so are unlikely to be banned under the legislation, due to be agreed by the EU this spring.

Families have nearly three times as many electrical appliances and gadgets as a generation ago and the amount of electricity used to power them has doubled.

In the US, legislators are already drawing up the first rules in the US requiring retailers to sell only "green" televisions, the most energy-efficient models, from 2011.

Energy regulators in California say curbing the number of energy guzzzling television sets in the state could save as much energy is used by over 86,000 homes.
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