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Please help: Dedicated HT construction



Jun 23, 2008
Delhi NCR
Hello folks, I am based in Meerut (so material availability is tough) and plan to build a dedicated HT for my family.

I plan to expand, improvise my HT over the period of coming 2-3 years.
We have a 105ft long and 35ft wide land in the city that is unused. So I am free to experiment with it.(I've thought of a 29*17*10 room based on the golden rule that could seat 8-10 people. Equipment room will be attached).

Currently the following is the list of equipments I have and plan to install:
1. Optoma HD20 projector.
2. Yamaha RX-V863 receiver.
3. Wharfedale 10.1 bookshelfs & matching center. (7 channel config).
4. Velodyne CT-120 Sub. (Max 400w rms)
5. PS3.
6. Custom made HTPC.
7. Harmony 900 remote.

Two years down the line, I foresee the room getting upgraded to a dedicated HT with equipments equivalent to (subject to the technological progression by 2012):
1. Epson 8500 UB Projector. (May be 3d/4k whatever available at that time).
2.Paradigm studio/reference series or equivalent (7+ channels)/Dali Ikon 6.
3. Denon flagship pre/post combo.
4. Definitive Technology Supercube Trinity Sub. (Must have on my list).

I need help in:
1. Determining the ideal room size (L*W*H) & shape vis-a-vis my current and future requirements. (I can do modifications internally but changing the room structure will be both expensive and difficult).
2. Layout of the room (Location of cabinets(I need to have a separate equipment room), entry/exits.
3. Determining optimum screen size (for HD 20) and projector placement (to be mounted on a ceiling).
4. Optimum seating position. (Need a layout that can seat 10).
5. Sourcing acoustic treatment which is a value for money. I intend to build a shell within the room complete with stage and risers, sconces et al.

The usage will be:
90% blu ray playback.
Occasional HTPC, gaming(PS3).
SQ is a preference.

I would be grateful to all HFV members as this theater is the dream of my life and now I am starting on a journey with your help to realize my dream.
It would be a triumph if i can build a good HT here keeping in mind my own limitations.


Active Member
Dec 8, 2007
Mohali (Near Chandigarh)
plan to build a dedicated HT for my family.

5. Sourcing acoustic treatment which is a value for money. I intend to build a shell within the room complete with stage and risers, sconces et al.

The first decision you need to make is go the :-

DIY (with hired carpenters/mason for work/building works) route


Hire professional , all included, route.(like here)

DIY will be cheap, considering you gain enough knowledge to execute the task, without much wastage.

DIY would require you to:

Gather info/learn about

--- bass treatment/control.

--- Reverberation time control (or sound reflection control).

--- Sound isolation/sound absorption.

--- resources/from where to buy the required material from.

--- Visualize using drawings what you can achieve withinin the budget.

I am also in the above process, so would like to share

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(2) Then follow the Other forum threads as listed below:



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