Polk Audio RM705 5.1 Home Theater System


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Aug 5, 2008

Can someone with personal experience tell me how they rate Polk Audio RM705 5.1 Home Theater Speaker system? They are available with Pro Fx for Rs.25k. I plan to use them with Onkyo TX-SR 606 receiver, Sharp Aquos 32A53 LCD TV and Philips DVP 5982 DVD player.


My post has been visited 49 times and yet there is no response from anyone. I wonder why? I hope the speaker system I mentioned is not too cheap for the members of this forum.

Kumareshwar, The problem with the model you are recommending is that not many would have listened to it. Though its one of the better sub/sat models, polk sub/sats are not the best around according to my opinion. You are better off with few other models. I would recommend Energy Take Classics over the Polks and they cost less than 30k. Even better if you can stretch a little more, then the best is Wharfedale Diamond 9hcp, particularly if you care about music.
I am also from Hyd only. Ping me and I can help you out with some deal as well.
Forgot to add this one. If you can stretch a little more, profx itself handles Focal Jmlab and their Sib and Co, is a very very good sub/sat. That should be got for slightly above 45k I would say.
Hi Gopi,

Thanks for the response. I am sorry. Its FOCAL and not Focus. The gentleman who runs the Pro Fx shop at Babukhan Mall was recommending the Focal 5.1 setup over Polk Audio RM 705, though he had a good word for the Polk ones too.

Reg the Sib and Co Sub you were talking about, does the sub alone cost 45k or is it the entire 5.1 setup? If its just the sub, I cant afford it, anyway.

I am trying to buy an ONKYO TX SR 606 receiver and pair it with a decent 5.1 or 7.1 speaker setup good for both movies and music, mostly classical.

the entire 5.1 costs 49k and you can expect a 10% off atleast. Its on demo at profx, hyd. But the one they have is a bad set, that it there is a very audible bad distortion of the subwoofer. Anywy, sent you a private message. Please check that.
Hi Gopi,

Thanks for all the info you have given me. I am just waiting to go to Pro Fx and Sound & Vision at Babukhan Mall to have their electricity restored to normalcy so that I can go and have an audition of the models available there.

It was very nice talking to you.

Hi Eswar,
I Bought Polk RM6880 BK 5.1 system last year at USA.I used this system for few days(3weeks) at my USA Home and then took it to India.I didnt hear it after that.I bought this system after gone thru so many reviews and feedback.I paired this spkrs with Onkyo SR674 Receiver and sony DVD player.The quality of Music was very nice to me.

The RM705 is slightly different from my system.I strongly believe It will give good music if you pair this spkrs with Onkyo 606.

All I can say from my 3 weeks experience is, POLK products are very very good one and worth to buy.It has very good reputation in USA.The price of RM705 is $499 + $30 tax.Its equal to apprx 22,000 in India(Some times it is available on deal in Circuit city for $400)

Everybody has different taste and opinion on Speakers sound.So Please go and listen the speakers and buy if you like it.

Hi Kams,

Thank you very much. The reviews I read also led me to the same conclusion. But I was waiting for an actual user's opinion. As you rightly said, I will go listen to them at the local shop in Hyderabad and then decide.

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