Power supply for Klipsch Subwoofer sub10 in India?


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Aug 11, 2008
I have a klipsch subwoofer sub10.
In the user manual it is clearly written that the
subwoofer should be supplied with the exact power
supply specified in the back side of the unit. It is
specified as 230V 50Hz, 1.0 A.
How can I get a proper power supply mentioned in
The subwoofer is down. No response. No LED. But electric shocks observed on the screws in the backside of the speaker when I touched them.
I trying to figure out the reason. This is serious becos it is the second time. First time happed just 10 days from the date of purchase. I got a replacement. This second one worked well for 4 months and facing the same problem again. I doubt it is because of the improper power supply against the spec..
The other reason I could find is that I receive electric shock from spike buster power strip that I am using to power my Onkyo TXSR606 AV receiver, Subwoofer, PS3 and DVD player.
Am I the only one facing this problem?
Please help me in this problem.
The normal power supply in India is 220 volts, 50Hz, and either 5 or 15 amps. So, theoretically you can connect the sub to a 5 amp plug and it should work. If you want to be more careful, get a stabiliser that will deliver stable voltage, irrespective of the voltage from the mains, subjective to certain limits (such a 190V to 279V).

In terms of your getting electric shock from the sub and the power strip, there is a serious leakage somewhere, and your earthing is not working properly. I would suggest you shut down your systems, and get a electrician to check the connections and earthing before you use the systems any more. There should be no leakage anywhere in the circuit.

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