pre-owned vinyl available in Bangalore


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Jul 24, 2008
Copying and pasting my reply to one of the threads.. thought it will be very useful to vinyl collectors...
Hi guys,
I have found a very good source for LPs and 78s and old turntables/gramophones. This shop is at Avenue Road and the contact person's name is Balaji. If you live in bangalore then you should pay a visit to their shop.
Balaji's contact #: 9342410288, 65956427
Also, they will be happy to sent what ever you require via mail.
I've been there...a lot of Hindi film music and Carnatic music, limited on the Western music side.
Also the storage is not great, but most of the discs I bought play fine after thorough cleaning. Also the prices are really good-in the range of 75 bucks.
When was the last time you visited the store? I think they have around 3k LPs of western music... yes, one has to sift through them to find good copies.. I picked most of LPs in VG+ condition.

Do you know any other places from where vinyl enthusiasts can purchase LPs in bangalore?

I actually stay in Mumbai. Had gone there on a visit, must be a year plus back. Maybe they have new stuff then?
When I had visited they had fairly common stuff kept, hardly any jazz, rock or classical (which is what I was interested in). Do they have that now?
well one has to pay a visit to them now and then... they have around 5 k LPs now.. mostly western.. its very easy to get LPs of Classical, 70/80s pop etc.
However, Rock is hard to come by.. but one never kknows...
Classicals can be found in abundance..I remember my friend, also a vinyl lover, picked around 100 LPs of Classical and they were all in near mint condition... its seems they all belonged to a person who loved them like babies...
I guess genera varies from on lot from another..

I wonder whether one can find Rock LPs in mumbai.
Great News Redlag ,

Since i was looking for a LPs , it will be very useful for me , i will contact the person and have a word with him , thanks for the link.

Yes, there are tons of LPs in Bombay. 150 bucks or so, but excellent stuff. Lots of jazz, rock, Indian and Western classical.
Seetha Phone is a different concern from the one I mentioned earlier.
Balaji's one is called "Rare"... Seetha phone is run by Mr. Srinivas and he also happens to be Balaji's uncle. So there are two different shops..
Also, there is one another shop at sapient road.. forgot the name.. will hunt for its address and mention it here..

Abhijit, I might like to take your help in procuring rock LPs, if it is fine with you. I donno how to go about it though.. any suggestions? ;-)

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Aah, that explains it. There was very little stuff at Seetaphone.
In Bombay, you can get LPs at a footpath vendor near VT station on DN Road.
Delhi has a lot of collectors with some great stuff..unfortunately as a result its expensive.
Ok...I 'd been there couple of times and bought some Russian LPs on Western Classical, unused. Those were very cheap...I bought Abbey Road also once...for 100rs.:D
This is for the guys in Cochin...there is T Raja staying in Geetha Lodge/Om Lodge, behind Woodlands Jewellery or adj to Tandoor restaurant. He has umpteen no of LPs ( Carnatic, Western classical, Rock etc). Plan for a bulk buy, he may give it for 50rs per LP.
I had been there yesterday too...picked up a boat load of LPs...quite a decent collection.

RedLag, were you the one with the black T-Shirt at Balaji's somewhere around 3 ish?
I always wear black T-shirts (either Iron Maiden or Led Zeppelin ). And my favourite pass time is to visit their shop, sit for hours and chit chat on the things that are discarded by others :)
I never noticed you, mate.. you could have had introduced yourself.. perhaps next time... oh btw my name is Arvind...

I am glad to hear that you found some LPs to your liking.. I will inform you guys whenever he receives another lot.

Just for the "records" sake, I am not affiliated to them in any way; I just happens to be a serious LP collector :)
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Thanks mate...

Sorry, my bad, I should have introduced, but I was too excited in getting in getting my hands on the LPs.

There was a person in Black T's accompanied by another person shuffling through the english section at Balaji's while I was scouting through some Indian classics accompanied by my friend.

I gather you have a Philips Electronic 242 too. Was it you who sold it off to Balaji? He had one for sale and was quoting 3.5K for it, in very good condition though.

I've recently got myself bitten by the Vinyl bug, and boy it is definitely addictive. I'm now looking for a pre-owned / new Phono pre-amp - my Onkyo does not support Phono...any suggestion / thoughts folks? I desperately need one and intend on getting my hands on it by Saturday this week.

I spoke to the owner of Modern World and he mentioned that Sonodyne Pre-Amp could be available for about 2 - 3K, is it a good bet?

Thanks in advance.

- M
Then you are referring to someone else, mate.. it wasnt me who sold the 242... in fact I was planning to pick it up. However I am not to keen on buying it as I have 3 TTs already and I would rather go for Linn , B&O etc.

One piece of advise: "Just go slow". There will be ample opportunities to buy a TT - trust me. However I would suggest to go for a TT in stock condition, if you are planning to buy a pre-owned one. There are a lot of options in brand new segment (and pre-owned ones as well).
As far as the preamp is concerned, you can go for cheap Behinger one (see my other thread on this), or mid range project preamp (ARN systems sell them).
Oh btw seethaphoe also sells TTs... however I am pretty apprehensive about buying repaired ones...
I have sent you my phone # via pvt message... I would like to assist you if you think if I will be of any help
I visited Moore Market in Chennai today. There are three shops selling old vinyls. This is shop no 38A on the ground floor. He has about 10,000 pieces of vinyl. I saw old Tamil and Hindi movies as well as Abba, Beatles, Beethoven, Mozart, James Blush, Police, etc.

He was asking for 30 a piece but was ready to come down to 20 on bulk purchase. I was not too happy with the condition of the jackets nor of the vinyls themselves. I aim to pick a few, try them, then see whether it is worthwhile collecting anything. Many of his vinyls are without any jacket.

The other two shops are far worse, and were asking for 60 at first go. I am sure they can be bargained down. Next time I go I must wear a dirty pant, a torn shirt, and maybe a few days of beard, and un combed hair. And a bathroom chappal !!

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