Problem with Wharfie Dia. 9.3


New Member
Dec 14, 2009
Bangkok, TH
My Wharfedale Diamond 9.3, the woofers have started producing hiss sounds. I have biwired them to Marantz PM7001 (A speaker terminals for LF and B terminals for HF sound).

The woofers on the A terminals hiss (sounds like a snake inside my woofers). Can anyone help with the root cause (I usually play my music at 12 o'clock or even more, sometimes at 1500 hrs, depending on my mood. I have played the speakers for 230 hours already (target is 2000 before I trade for new one).

Right now it is with the autorized dealer and they cannot find the symptom!!! The patient is afraid of the doctor!:lol:

Can anyone suggest what to do....if possible to repair it myself or sell it off and get a new pair of another brand?:licklips:
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