Quad 22L VS Monitor Audio RS8


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Aug 14, 2007
Hi all

At Present i am using Quad22L along with NAD power / Pre combo , i am eager to know wheather Monitor RS8 a better speaker then Quad 22L , i have heard KEF , Mordaunt short but they are not anywhere near the Quad's Quality . Here in my place i dont have a dealer for Monitor so havent heard them , but just curious to know if the sound from RS8 will be better or not.

Very different speakers but both are great with different tastes in music. I would prefer what u own to the proposed combo.
The Quad distributor is designer audio(kshitij) and he is mumbai based. His contact numbers are 022-23512836/ 022-23520320. Mobile Nos: 91-98207 75387 or 91-98200 96760. These contact nos i have from a few years so could have changed. Try calling him and enquire about chennai availability or try a place in chennai called PROMUSICALS- 28193607. Lastly u could also check out Designeraudio - Homepage
Phone Nos. are still current, Dinyaar, only they have shifted to A/C Market Basement from Arun Chambers, Tardeo.

Happy hunting Vinod !!!

Normally There are persons who go to Singapore and buy the equipment on order. You pay them Rs.450/- per Kg. plus the price for the product.

You wouldn't, perchance, have the contacts of such persons, would you? Be of great help!:)
It depends what you want.. the monitors are a lot more upfront and brighter from what i remember and the quads have an extremely unique sound which cant really be conpared to the RS8's directly...

I have a pair of 22L and they are also a little picky about the electronics.. tries with a reciever and they sounded quite shit.. much better when i added a nad 272 using a CA640r as pre.. I added a second 272 and they sounded pretty awesome..

currently i just got a sunfire 7200 and am runnin in stereo through 2 channels.. am going to biamp using 4 channels and will let u know how it sounds..

the sunfire and 22L are both quite laid back so its not very good for movies or very bright.. I think i need to change my source to a decent cd player..
Hey guys,
I want to hook up a powered speakers to my lcd.the stock speakers are awful in Sony.I was wondering if klipsch promedia 2.1 would be a good choice or a monitor speaker? I have HT hooked up but want to enjoy better sound while the HT is off! am on airtel HD and its like watching bluray all the while in HD and the audio thru the HT is mind blowing...its wow all the way ....
Any way thanks for reopening a Old ( Very Old) Thread. Yes for me the Quad sounded far better then the Monitor Audio RS 6 and RS 8. But after i purchased the B&W 805N, The quad is sounding like :sad:
Recently I got a chance to listen Quad 22L2 and RX8......RX8 sounds better for my ears because mid was prominent in Rx8 and bass was slightly better in Quad
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