red push on Toshiba LCD TV


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Jul 28, 2006
I just bought a Toshiba AV650 32 inch LCDTV yesterday and went about caliberating it. However, I noticed that there is a slight red push on some of the Tata Sky channels with skin tones looking slightly red. This is even when setting the colour temperation to cool and the colour setting to almost 40 (on a scale of 0 to 100). This happens on some channels and not all though.

The TV has a colour management system where one can adjust the hue, saturation and brightness of 6 colours including red. Can somebody help me with how to use this system to get the best colours and reduce the red push?

I found this on the internet for Toshiba 42 inch TV calibration I guess you can use the same for the 32 inch too. I own a 32 a Toshiba 32 inch and I have used the settings given below except that I havent done the advance settings but still I like the picture quality its producing:

The skin tone problem in the CNET review is totally corrected by adjusting the tint. If you readjust these setting this is by far the best HDTV dollar for dollar.

You must adjust from MOVIE mode(more accurate primary colors as it has a different color base))

Contrast: 85
Backlight: 40
Dynalight/Auto Sensor light: Off
Brightness: 55
Color: 45
Tint: 0
Sharpness: 20, 30,40 (adjust to your prefrence)

Advanced Settings:

Dynamic Contrast: Off
Static Gamma: -5
Color Temperature: Warm
B Drive: -10
G Drive: -10


Colormaster: On
Color Palette Adjustment: Red; Hue: +5, Saturation:0 Brightness: 0
Color Palette Adjustment: Green; Hue:-10, Saturation: -15, Brightness: 0
Color Palette Adjustment: Blue; Hue: +5, Saturation: 0, Brightness: 0
Color Palette Adjustment: Yellow; Hue:+5, Saturation: -5, Brightness: 0
Color Palette Adjustment: Magenta; Hue: -20, Saturation: 0, Brightness: 0
Color Palette Adjustment: Cyan; Hue: -5, Saturation: -15, Brightness: 0

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