Reviewed: AudioCast M5 Wireless Sound Streamer

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Jan 11, 2013
India I Bangalore
I was on the lookout for a Google ChromeCast Audio and the search was quite difficult to find one. Nobody wanted to let go of it or just priced way too high.

So whats next beyond the CCA as an alternative and couldn't find much really. Incidentally an FM offered me an AudioCast M5 which is very very similar to the CCA. I have never tried the CCA myself, however based on my reading the AudioCast performs in line to the CCA if not higher.

My impressions of this device playing Spotify:

Pros - Small size, very good build quality, decent iOS mobile app, ease of setup, WPS button which makes connecting and setting the device up with your Wi-Fi network a total breeze. My Mac Spotify and the device work like a charm.

Cons - No Optical line out, iOS app can do better and maybe compatibility to the ChromeCast ecosystem

Overall very happy as this was exactly what I wanted "Subtle" and very good sounding !

Cheers !



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