Samung Festival Gift not yet recieved


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Sep 3, 2009

I bought 46b650 from Girias (Bangalore) on 19th Sept. Along with this I am supposed to recieve a HDMI DVD player as a gif from Samsung. At that time Girias told me that this they told me that they told me that process is
1) Girias initimate Samsung about the purchase
2) Samsung will then deliver the Gift to Dealer
3) Dealer will then initimate to come and collect it.

It has been more than 2 weeks, and I have still not recieved this gift. If I callup the dealer, he is telling that lot of customer have complained, and they have esclated to Samsung, and once they recieve the gift they will initimate us.

I called-up Samsung directly on this, and they had a different story to tell. They told me that it is the dealer who is responsible to deliver the gift and they will escalate from their side to the dealer, and they cannot do anything else.

So on the whole the consumer is taken for a ride.

I wanted to know whether anybody else have faced a similar issue??
You should have checked whether the offer is from Samsung or the Dealer himself. If it is from Samsung, they have to deliver it at any cost or file a complaint in consumer court (to both the dealer and samsung), definitely you will get a positive result.
i think its from the samsung,since there are many ads that say u get a free dvd player,i believe its that pebble shape DVD player.if its the company,then they will give it,when i bought a whirpool WM,i got the free gift after about 3 months.try calling CC or the samsung bangalore office,they would speed it up.if u still don't get if before another week,tell them u have put it up in the forums,that would definetly work.
Thanks for your input.

Yes the gift is from Samsung and not from dealer. I have already called the CC and tried to escalate. If I do not get any response over next couple of days, I will then try to escalate further.
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