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Feb 7, 2018
Today is the birthday anniversary of the iconic movie director, composer, writer, painter Satyajit Ray. This versatile genius was born 100 years ago and he had changed the language of our cinema . His pather panchali( the song of the road) showed us that there is no difference between literature and cinema, rather both can go together. He is very relevant today, as we watch Ganashatru and think about that doctor on the screen and remember today's doctors also shout and warn us against the upsurge of the pandemic when we are oblivious of that deadly disease. His Aguntuk teaches us to be humane and Ashanisanket shows us how humanity suffers during natural disasters. Satyajit Ray's short stories are the gems of Bengali literature. He is equally successful as a music director. Though, at the inception Ray depended on another legend Pt. Rabishankar for his pother panchali ,later he emerged as a music director for his movies. He chose Kishore Kumar for his Ghorebaire and charulata and till date those songs are praised. He also chose ustad salamat Ali khan for his Jalsaghor that demanded a good classical voice. The title music that Ray had created for sonar kella has become immensely popular as his fictitious detective character Feluda.
Today amid despair, sorrow and suffering , anxiety duty to pandemic , we are commemorating satyajit Ray , MAHARAJA TOMARE SELAM
Thanks for creating this thread. Ray is a director I absolutely love. I learned whatever little Bengali I know ( can understand but speak with some difficulty ) watching his movies. Besides all the good things more eminent folks have said about his movies , my two pence is that his movies are highly , highly entertaining without insulting your intelligence. They are full of empathy and well crafted without being slick. Just this year only I watched his Music Room ( Jalsaghar) for , what was it , the fourth or the fifth time ? I just can’t get over watching ChabbI Biswas as the decadent landlord. There is something in his eyes that convey the almost ironical poignancy of a dissolute life. I also watched Chiriyakhana ( perhaps my favourite Ray movie because it is made in the genre of a psychological detective thriller which I just love and as a bonus has the legendary Uttam Kumar in it).
I also watched Abhijan another great Ray movie in which Soumitra Roy essays to almost perfection the role of an angry , world weary Punjabi driver ( some reading told me he was the inspiration behind the Travis of Scorsese’s Taxi Driver ). This movie shot from up close and in black and white , has those noir visuals that reminds one of Boggart’s High Sierra. The plot and dialogues are highly philosophic and the master even puts in some spiritual Biblical rumination from a character, which attests to the syncretic width of its maker. Just this year only I also watched Kalpurush , Apur Sansar , Aranyar Diner Ratri and Shatranj Ke Khiladi.
Regarding the last movie , a close French friend , a Ray lover was so smitten by the clothes that Sanjeev Kumar and Jaffrey were wearing that he went on an Internet hunt , trying to locate the provenance of the gorgeous shawls. He found that the weaving work was called kani and they cost about 3000 USD a piece in today’s prices.
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Criterion Channel ("Satyajit Ray at 100") and MUBI ("World of Satyajit Ray") are showcasing Ray's films

I am not very versed about his works, but last year watched pather panchali. The cinematography and camera work was beyond comparable. At that time i felt each frame of that picture could be printed and hung on wall. I believe same goes for his other works as well. And on top of that the story telling and emotional connect he could give with characters, he was an institution. Its so sad when i learnt that original tapes had caught fire and foreigners were the ones who painstakingly restored his apu trilogy. Its sad state of affairs in our country that people and govt doesnt care about such gems.
A polymath, a renaissance man in the film world. Second perhaps only to Rabindranath Tagore in his creative pursuits and achievements. An institution. Wonder if one’d be able to completely appreciate him ever - every time I watch a creation of his, a new facet gets noticed.
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