Setup help with Onkyo SR 505 and Elac FS 57


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Jan 27, 2008
I am a newbie so please be nice if my questions seem very naive :). I would be very glad if I get some help with the setup.

1) Firstly, how do I connect the set-up box for TV (setup provided by Hathway) to the system. Mind you, my TV is a simple BPL bought about 9 years back. I need to upgrade, but will wait for some cash flow over the year.

2) How do I connect the worldspace radio to the the receiver. Again, the worldspace radio receiver is actually the old generation BPL radio (the first model).

3) What is cross-over frequency ? My speakers are Elac FS 57. So the specification for the speaker mentions a cross-over fq of 3000Hz. What should be the frequency setting from the Onkyo receiver SR 505 ? It is currently at 100Hz.

Thank you

1) Connect the set-top box's audio to the AVR with a set of RCA cables to the point marked "CBL/SAT IN" (these are red & white) on your Onkyo. For video, connect a single RCA-type video cable from your STB to the yellow coloured point above in the same column on the AVR.

2) I am not familiar with Worldspace receiver - do tell us what type of connector it uses for line-level output. If it is RCA then simply connect them via RCA cable to an input (red & white) on the AVR such as AUX/TAPE (IN)/VCR (IN) depending on what your AVR has.

You have mentioned your TV is "old" so I will assume it has no support for "component input". In this case, simply run one more RCA video cable from the yellow point marked "Monitor Out" on your AVR to the "AV input" of your TV.

3) Cross-over frequency here refers to how the audio range should be split between the sub-woofer and the other speakers. Your ELAC speakers are rated at 42 Hz - 23 Khz so you should set the AVR's crossover at the closest to 50k that is available (or more if you prefer more overlap). If you do not have a subwoofer do specify this in the setup and also set your speakers to the "Large" setting.
Wonderful. Thanks Particleman for the quick response. I will try this tonight and let you know about the results.

Hi, I just wanted to add that I do not have a subwoofer in this setup. I will find out about the BPL-worldspace model and share.

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