Should i buy new cables ?


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Nov 6, 2008
Navi Mumbai
Hi everyone,
My friend gifted me his old AKAI system along with the wires . He bought it in the year 2000. Here are the specs:
120w subwoofer
2 front speakers 30w & impedance 8ohms
2 side speakers 30w & impedance 4ohms
1 front speakers 30w & impedance 8ohms
at the back its written MADE IN JAPAN :)
The system sounds pretty decent but i would like to know....if i change the speaker cables will it improve the sound or will it be the same??? I'll be connecting the system to my pc.
here is the pic
what do you guys think?



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Whats the gauge of the existing speaker cables? This is usually written on the cable itself.

Also if the guage is fine and there is no oxidation on the cables (greenish marks on under the jacket, then you could just cut out the ends by 1 cm and restrip and connect back since these would have been exposed to elements a fair bit. There is no need to buy new cables.
Cables with systems are very tiny. If you use cables with more gauge,treble Q will improve a bit.
For this level system, do not spend more than 50 bucks per metre for the cable. Try some generic OFC cables which are available with any hifi seller. Guage14 should be more than enough.
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