Showcase your 'Car Audio/Video' Thread


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Apr 20, 2008
Topic is self explanatory.
Let me start:

Car- Chevrolet Optra 1.8

Audio Equipment:
Alpine HU

Precision Power DCX1000.4{125w x 4}Precision Power DCX1000.4

Orion 600D{300w x 1}Orion 600D (ori600d) , Car Amplifiers, Mono Subwoofer Amps - Sonic Electronix

Front Component Speakers
Cadence CWM-6 Kit$75 Cadence CWM-6KIT 6.5" comps--new value leader? - Diy Mobile Audio - The Ultimate In Sound Quality

Rear Pioneer Coaxial 6" x 9"

Sub woofer: Infinity Reference 1250W Infinity 1250W

Enough sound deadening was put into the front doors to enhance mid range clarity.

The Ride: Chevrolet Optra 1.8

Alipne HU(All the money i spent on amplifiers din't have enough left for a HU)

Precision Power Amplifier

Orion Subwoofer Amplifier

open to discussion
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The Car (Maruti Suzuki Swift Zxi)

Head Unit (Alpine 9887)

Front Components: Image Dynamics ID XS65 (6.5" 2-way components)


Speaker amp (Class AB 4-channel): TRU Technology STEEL S44

Subwoofer amp (Class AB Mono): TRU Technology STEEL S500

Subwoofer: Image Dynamics IDQ12d2v2

The rest:
Rear Speakers: Image Dynamics CTX6 (6.5" 2-way coaxials) in stock location in rear door.
Power wiring & Accessories: Connection Audison (2AWG power kit + Distribution Block).
RCA interconnects & speaker wires: Connection Audison BEST series.
Damping: Substantial :)
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Looks nice Hydra. So does keeping the sub in that position, you dont have a spare?? If you can give an idea about the costs, it will help the rest of the members too
Re: iPad 2 - For those who have yet to buy

I have always wanted an iPad and thought I would wait a few months from release date before getting one. However, I have now learnt that the current iPad only has 256MB of RAM memory. This concerns me a lot as the new iPhone 4 has double (512MB). It concerns me as I currently have an iPhone 3G which doesnt function on iOS 4 and I do not want to have an obsolete iPad in 18 months.
I have bought a zenithink zt-180 Andriod 2.2 Tablet PC
I dont want to wait until this time next year for iPad 2, but I dont want to buy an iPad now if a new one is coming out around December 2010/January 2011.

For those who have yet to buy but plan to, what are your advice?

Buy Now? Or

I think this is the incorrect forum
I have a double din JVC KW-XG700 audio system installed in my 2007 Hyundai Getz Prime.

It works good for my car and I have no seperate sub installed. The audio system is supported by 4 JBL GTO650C speakers in 4 doors. Output is very good however very high bass outputs make the doors vibrate :)

I have also installed the JVC Bluetooth adapter BTA200 which is integrated with the audio receiver and helps me take phoen calls through my car ausio system via bluetooth.
Looks nice Hydra. So does keeping the sub in that position, you dont have a spare?? If you can give an idea about the costs, it will help the rest of the members too

Thanks :)

I do have a spare tyre which is fully accessible. The box is easily removable. I just drop the seat and lift/slide the box over, and remove the spare. I have had to take it out twice so far, I've had no issues.

Sorry about not mentioning the costs. I'm not really comfortable posting them on a public forum.
Errr, how did I miss this thread?

Question to the experts here, I would like to play FLAC and all hd format audio video files in my car headunit. Obviously no HU supports all , so I was thinking how about getting one elcheapo media player and hook it up with CAR HU.....?:rolleyes: Is this possible? Did any of you tried this option ?

My car HU is Pioneer AVH3250BT ..... :)

@kittu, it can be done if your HU has an aux-in socket.

But it is not that good a setup, in the sense that it sounds less better than CDs or even MP3s played back directly through the HU. But then, all you need to try this out is an EP-to-EP cable, so give it a spin and see if you like it :)

The best option is to get HU that supports an iPod and use WAV files on the iPod. This is what I do, with my ancient 2nd gen 20gb iPod that has a nearly dead battery, though I mostly use CDs. You get to charge the iPod and control it through the HU too!

There are a few HUs that bypass the iPod's internal DAC and use the HU's internal DAC.

Then there is always the option of a carputer, where you can play all formats *evil smile*
Thanks Hydra, carputer is a costly affair. Having already invested good money on car stereo , I dont know if I can go for a carputer option.

My plan is to try hookup a media player that can play all formats including audio/video in the CAR HU, for which I do not think aux in will do!

I tried copying some flacs to my Xperia arc and played using rock player with aux in connected. It was like yaaaakh....

Will need to find more alternatives. Converting stuff is not my thing , just find what I want and make a free purchase :D..... You know what I mean, right.
Audio and video from an external player may not work. But then the HU might have a composite input (meant for a reversing camera).

Yup, I do agree that converting from one format to another is a pain. In fact, the content in my iPod has not been refreshed for about 2 years for exactly that reason. Yup, I do get what you mean ;)
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