Someone pls help in choosing HTIB


Jun 8, 2008
hello buddies...

i am from Patiala (Punjab) near Chandigarh

my budget is around 20k and i can stretch upto 25k.

i have two brands in mind


2. YAMAHA i.e.
Yamaha Electronics UK Ltd

price for onkyo= 20k
yamaha= (24-28k)

pls help me here
what is best for me

i want to watch 90% movies and 10% music

1. buy YAmaha RX-V361 (16k) and speakers of some other brand?
2. Yamaha home theatre- YHT-185/175 (26k)

so help me please
tell me the best option with good sound quality in upto 25k


If its for movies then I'd say onkyo is the right choice !! it has little better receiver and speaker comapred to yamaha !! so you should think bout that !!

Since you only have 25K max budget not many options available to give you !! choice between the two is the best option !!

one thing more buddy

i want to buy a good 5.1 recievor which is future ready so that in future i could upgrade by only changing the speakers...

so which recievor is the best?

i can also think of buying recievor and set of speakers separately as i am buying this for atleast upcoming 5-8 years

so pls help me buddy
i don't want to waste my money by buying something not worthy.
i think u can understand.

what r ur recommendations leave budget aside.
pls mention entry level and mid level end systems with the latest prices


Any 5.1 Receiver will not last the duration that you mention(since 5.1 is already almost dead due to 7.1 with Blu-ray and what not !) !! So don't think that far,thats what I'd say !! max 2 -3years.

Man you've asked a tuff one,Can't say which is better in one word ! but as I said onkyo has a small edge over yamaha !!

As with the last question , in the entry level I'd say yamaha 661,cambridge 540,denon 2308,onkyo 606 (all around 35-40K)
Mid level Yamaha 1700,Denon 2808,Onkyo 705 or 803 (all around 70-80K)

High I think you get the idea !

For the speakers there are lot more options but it all depends on the taste,So based on that I can suggest.

Just for the info for music and movies wharfedale diamond 8 & 9 series is good at the entry level,mission M33i and 34i is another option.mid budget can be anything Wharfedale Evo, Monito-Audio to MS.

5.1, 7.1, 10.1 av receiver - speakers

I need some guidance, i do not think 5.1 can ever die, because generally people do not have big rooms, to set 5.1 is a huge task, keeping in mind the room size, for 7.1, means a much bigger room.

There can be in future 10.1 also, but the best could remain 5.1, with proper room planning and proper placement of speakers, backed with basic or good acoustic treatment, etc, so what i think is quantity does not matter, 7.1 or 10.1., it is the quality which matters.

The 5.1, if one can handle on all sort of fronts, as mentioned above, and what others will suggest, it will be great.

Thank you very much.
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Re: 5.1, 7.1, 10.1 av receiver - speakers

tell me one thing more:

what if i had to choose between yamaha
pls help me in choosing from the following options:

1. RX-V361+NS-P110
Yamaha Electronics UK Ltd

2. YHT-175 (HTR-5930+NS-P270)
HTiB YHT-175 : YAMAHA Audio and Video

3. YHT-185
HTiB YHT-185 : YAMAHA Audio and Video

and last thing howz RX-V363 and whats its tentative price?

i think u know that i am narrowing down my options so that i can take a better decision

thanks for ur support

10.1 is already available, i am not sure about India, but yes there are 10.1 available...

One of the member had posted a link, i forgot, where it was..

But, we have, 10.1, and a lot more has to come...
Frankly you are on a really reeally tight budget. Getting a future proof receiver is very tough. Receivers are nowadays getting updated every year and infact some even in 6 months. So, if you are doing in steps the best I recommend is the following. Get a second hand receiver for about 10 to 12k. You then can spend on the 15k budget for 5.1 but then again thats too little. Even a nice subwoofer will cost that much. So, I would say definetly up the budget atleast a little. The cheapest I will recommend are:
1. Used 5.1 receiver - since people have to upgrade the recievers, you can come across these frequently. So, get one for around 10 to 12k. Infact, Kaval recently sold an excellent Marantz Receiver for 13k in this forum.
2. Get a Pioneed 400AV or Oppo 981H or some other DVD player for 6 to 8k.
3. Diamond 9HCP for 33k.
There are definetly options less than 30k. But then I doubt there is an upgradable path , unless you are considering a second hand receiver with just 2 front speakers.
i already have a philips 5.1 Dvd player
so there's no need to buy a dvd player

thanks & regards
You are not clear with your thoughts, will you give more information. So I can help you out in this matter.
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