Sony DVP NS628P DVD Player strange usb hdd connectivity issue


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Aug 26, 2009
folks, i bought a Sony DVP NS628P today, i have a 500 gb Seagate usb hdd. the problem i am facing is the dvdp recognises the hdd but when i select a file to play it suddenly says "USB not found" and shows there is no usb connected. Based on what i read in other posts i formatted the drive to fat32 but am facing the same problem

I don't face this issue when i use the pendrive. Please help.

I googled about the hdd, it says its backwards compatible. Also i read in another post that "illusion" was able to use this in LG DV388 dvd player which is a USB 1.1. So i can't understand whats the problem. Power output of the Sony USB is also 500 MA which is sufficient enough to run this hdd.
it may be due to format at which the HDD is formatted and the format which the dvd player recognises. check the file system of the HDD ifs NTFS or FAT. if its NTFS try with a file system of FAT and vice versa.
Well sont firmware/drivers must be having issue.Did 8gb pendrive work?

The 4 gb pendrive works beautifully. I watched Transformers thru component out and the experience was amazing. very smooth, no jerks, no problem in rew/ffwd.

If the HDD is not externally Powered, then that might be the issue.Just guess.
try a HDD with externally powered, not USB dependent.

I am thinking that may be the issue. I can try this weekend with a casing and my computer internal hdd. The thing that annoys me is that when i connect the seagate usb hdd it shows the list of files but when i select them the whole thing says "USB not found". So i am thinking its able to read initially but not later.
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It may be a Fat32 filesystem size limit. Try <32GB partition. Or begin with 4 GB then move up to 8 16 etc until the DVDP stops recognizing...

Here is the most recent update. I borrowed a friends external powered seagate 1 tb hdd (the earlier one was usb powered) and connected it to the dvd player and...... tadaaa !! Full hdd was visible. :clapping: Played movies,music,rew/ffwd no issues.

I dug out some technical data on why the usb powered does not work and external powered works. i'll post it over the weekend.

I love this player :yahoo: Its very basic (no hdmi,no optical out,no 5.1) but amazing looks and robust build.
I have a similar issue with my Sony DVD player... Earlier it was reading my usb hard disk which had 2 partitions on it .. But after format of the Hard disk ... it does not read it anymore ... I personally feel its an issue with file format ... i formatted it to FAT32 file system ... Not sure if i can revert it to NTFS?... Any guesses ... Please i really need this fixed ...thanks in advance
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